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Yesterday I attended a 3 hrs online workshop on Wordpress and would like to share with you how to optimize for higher ranking when using Wordpress. It might be simple but some of you may overlook it.

1. At Workpress ‘Setting’ -> ‘Privacy’, make sure you tick ‘Allow search engine to index this site’. Else, don’t matter how hard you optimize, SEO will not rank your site.

2. At ‘Settings’ -> ‘Permalink’, make sure you choose ‘Post-name’ instead of leave it as default. This will help you to rank better in SEO ranking.

3. When you add picture to your content, make sure you update your keyword in ‘Alternate Text’ field. SEO does not recognize image, so, If you leave ‘Alternate Text’ blank, SEO will not know how to rank your website.

4. ‘Buying Keyword‘ is a very important component in SEO ranking.

‘Buying Keyword’ means keywords that people with “buying intentions” will look for, rather than keywords chosen by people with only “reading intentions”.

So where do you enter your ‘Buying Keyword’ in WordPress?
It is at ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’. The ‘Site Title’ + ‘Tagline’ will give you the ‘Buying Keyword’.

Any other tips you all like to share?
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    Thanks for the useful tips. I currently use some SEO plugins to help me with the SEO so far things are slow but moving. I think there are many plugins which can help Wordpress users out there. Anyone can recommend any good ones?
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    Same here. thank you for the detailed step by step tips.
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    thanks for detailed tips, as plugin for seo i use easy wp seo and all in one seo pack i believe these are helping much
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    You can also use WordPress' category and tag functions to optimise your site by making it easy for visitors and search engines to find their way around. Restricting the number of categories and tags you use will help to keep your site focused, which will improve its search results performance.

    There are more details in this article:

    Optimise WordPress with Categories and Tags | WealthyDragon


    How to Start Your Own Business Online - a Free eBook from WealthyDragon
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    I use the All In One SEO Pack for Wordpress - I think it does a pretty decent job, but always on the lookout for others!
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    Buying keyword point is definitely a good thing to note on all sites that you want to make money from...why not get people already looking to spend?
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    Thanks for useful detailed step by step tips. please continuous sharing.
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    I always make sure to use the site map plugins as these help a lot also.
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    This is very basic but yes, these things are mandatory to know and implement.

    To find the buyers keywords, you have to do proper keyword research. From common sense, you can usually tell whether the keyword is of commercial nature or not.

    For example, a keyword like "toshiba user manuals" does not carry much commercial value, because user manuals are usually free to download on the Internet and therefore the person searching for such a keyword isn't very likely to be in the "buying mode".

    However, keyword like "buy Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5253" is a great example of a buyers keyword because it's it includes the word buy and that's a strong tell that the person is looking to make a purchase with his/credit card pulled out.

    Of course, you also need to take into consideration the traffic for the keywords and the competition. The commerciality is not the only factor, in fact, if a keyword is not searched for it's not even worth the optimisation effort.
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    I really love WordPress, that's why I've never missed a seminar about it. Thanks for the share.
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