Should you create more than one account in facebook?

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Should you create more than one facebook account? eg. one for personal and the other one for business?

It is not advisable to create more than one account in facebook for the one and only one reason below:-

It is a violation against facebook terms of use. facebook will terminate one of your account if they catch you doing that. Imagine if you have a lot of contact on that terminated account ... Anybody or your friends experience that before?

Any other reasons you all can think of why we shouldn't have more than one account?

Or you all still think that is fine to have more than one facebook account? If so, what is the advantages?
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    having more then facebook account is really fine i think. although it is restricted. so you can seperate family and work .... i am agreee with you. i use it and also made connection with other software like skype when it goes nevermind ...
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    I have two Facebook account one is for my friends and family. Another one is for my business purpose.
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    Same here, I have two facebook accounts and its been running for almost a year.
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    most of the people use more facebook pages. this is need of buisness. seprate family and buisness with diffrent facebook pages. Yes it is restricted but its running.
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    When facebook can use you why not use facebook for your benefit.FB isn't god or a mentor.It's just here for business and so are we.
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    i have only one account in facebook.actually i think creating many account is not good habbit.
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    Having two accounts is a violation in FB... It still would be considered as a duplicate account. However; if you want to have one for your business it is advised to make a fan page for it instead
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    It's a good thing to have, but is definitely against Facebook's terms.
    If they suspect you have multiple accounts, they'll ask you to terminate one.
    To avoid that:
    - Don't log onto them at the same time from the same IP address.
    - Don't do anything spammy on either of them.
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    As for me, I would definitely create more account for purpose of EXPERIMENT. A testing lab as you suppose.

    I'm sure the fiverr guys know how to do this. But again, this is not a professional advice.
    Please consult your lawyer before you made your mind.
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