Why Blogging Is So Awesome

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Do you know why guest blog posts exist? How crazy is that idea!?

Imagine a company that makes cars sending out a message to all it's buyers saying "Hey, check out our competitor, you might like him". Imagine a car company helping another car company that is just starting, to grow faster and take more of the market.

That would be crazy. Because car selling, and most things, are a market that is fully served, and one where each person has a low appetite (aka one car and they are satisfied). If one person gets a customer, the other must lose that customer.

But with blogging, the amount of people who read blogs is growing every minute. The market is always getting bigger. And each person will read MANY blogs, and (if and when they buy something) buy from many teachers, not just one.

So, when a blogger helps another blogger get more audience and grow (by talking about him or giving him a guest post), the first blogger can only stand to gain.

The people who learn from the first blog will learn from the new blog, and the people who learn from the new blog (now and in the future) will likely be introduced to (and become readers/learners/buyers of) the first blog.

Also, the more people agree with you and blog about the same stuff, the more the people who want to learn what you teach will be able to find you and your brother bloggers, and so the more people will read/buy from you and other bloggers like you.

So, in the end, blogging is awesome because when one blogger helps another blogger, everyone (both bloggers, all alike bloggers, and all like-minded readers) benefits.

It's all benefit.


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    Blogging is making a comeback.

    Informative info is a great value to the readers.

    Thanks for your input.
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    As long as the information in your blog is essential and important you will definitely gain more trust and credibility from your customers. Blogging has always been one of the most used to disseminate or spread information.
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    How do you collect followers for blogging a hot keyword like "cars"? It is usually hard to get noticed in those kind of keywords.
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    I agree, blogging is a form of advertising and creating awareness.
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    Thanks for sharing. Guest posting is something I haven't done yet
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    Yes right! Blogging is one of my favorite strategy in SEO for it can spread and create an information might everyone needs.
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    itthrough the blog commenting we can get a traffic fastly.
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    Yeah blogging is pretty awesome, but I find that a lot of bloggers are just how you described car dealers. They think too highly of themselves and won't accept even the highest-quality of guest posts.
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    Blogging is what visitors to keep coming back.
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    As far brand promotion is concern blogging is really awesome.
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    blogs are awesome, most especially if it reflects the life of the person who's writing it (at least that's my personal opinion).
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    Blogs have very informational stuff. I read blog when i take a short break from my work.
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    I really have to be following somebody to read a full blog post unless it's immediate information I'm looking for.

    Then again I'm not everyone, others may like reading blogs often.
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    Blogging is a import part of SEO. It increase traffic with quality back links which can give you good result in search engine
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    Blogging is really awesome because if you are a blogger you will get the change to tell the world your ideas and information you like to share. Reader will also benefit from acquiring very detailed information and sources.

    However, the not so awesome part of it is there are some bloggers who writes false information.
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    Great analogy/contrast with the car buying thing.
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      I am enjoying blogging a lot. When it comes to making money blogging I understand that money doesn't come in right away so you should make sure and choose a topic to blog about that you are passionate about or else you just may find that you aren't doing enough to make anything at all.

      Also the other bloggers in your niche aren't really competitors but they enjoy helping each other out.

      As Stephen Covey would say - They think win win

      I help young adults who are struggling physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and relationally to take steps today to see results in a matter of weeks without having to go through the pain of buying thousands of books, courses and counseling sessions.


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    Blogging is about sharing your journey with others!
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