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This morning I found myself in a "pity party" mode. My dream killers had taken hold and were really loud. You know those dream killers - the voices you hear - that damaging self talk...sounds like this:

This is not a good time
Economy's terrible
My friends think it's a dumb idea
No one cares
I was born this way
No one in my family is good at math
I tried before
The Dalai Llama couldn't even do this
I have no choice
After all I did for you
I'm too old
I'm too young
It's too late

Bet you have some good dream killers in your head, too. I'd love for you to share them. Then here's what we're going to do with those bad boys.
Write 'em all down, ceremoniously set fire to the paper and watch the dream killers go up in smoke.

The trick here is to identify them first. We often don't realize what's keeping us stuck. Don't be afraid - write them out so they can't hurt you anymore. What's killing your dream is merely a thought. A thought you're holding. Doesn't matter where it came from; it's yours now and you get to do with it as you please.

What are you going to choose to think? Dream killers or dream builders? When you hear that negative self talk ask yourself: does this serve me? If not,start today by replacing those thoughts with ones that DO serve you. Give yourself time to make it a habit. And before you know it, you'll have A New Now.
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    Hey Annie!

    Very valuable points indeed.

    "You become what you think about most of the time", so it is vital to think the thoughts you actually want!


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    Hard to figure it out. There are dream killers who are in one way or another can be an angel. cheers
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    Everyone has dreams like that. It can ruin your day. Every time you wake up like that you need to motivate yourself.
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    It's days like this that you have to motivate yourself more. You cannot let the seed of self doubt take hold!
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    Kill them with kindness and bury them with success.
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    When such thoughts arise in my mind, I immediately substitute them with something positive. I cannot afford to even glimpse at them; I give them importance if I do. This affects my productivity and I do not want that.
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    So true! Sometimes we need to be positive in life to help us build confidence. Forget about bad thoughts this will not do good in our life, if we will focus with this thoughts it will only put us down. Always believe that we can do and achieve everything what we want.
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    we have the right to choose how we feel....but do we have the power to discipline ourselves to that? Thats the question.
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    I agree with annsjones. we choose how we feel!
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    I have heard a lot of these. Often times, less creative people will say things like this about YOUR plans, just because it's something they'd never have the guts to try. Don't let them stop you.
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