Who makes over 200/300/500/700/1000 a day?

by sumeno
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if you make 200/300/500/700/1000 dollars per day, then show us your stats(if possible) by pictures and what kind of methods you use. You don't have to go in detail, just summarizing like website and building backlinks or doing seos, ppc etc. This will be the best motivation you can give to others
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    no results?
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    Hey Sumeno...how's the UK after the olympics great city London is!

    I just took this image from my google analytics account...

    It's one of my sites for the entire year last year... Jan 1 - Dec 31st...

    There is almost 1 million views...I post this not to brag or post at all...as there are people getting 1 million views a month...so believe I don't claim to be some kind of ultimate guru or anything...as I have lots of learning to do myself.

    I just wanted to post to perhaps give those confidence that are struggling to get traffic or make money online to see that it's possible...

    As you can see tons of traffic from search (google search) and also referral sites...these are sites that I made partnerships with...

    Almost 1 million unique visitors for the year...my page views were around 1.6 million...

    This site is also in Google news...so anything I post goes to the of Google's news section in minutes.

    All of this is 100% free traffic...there wasn't one campaign ran....and no paid backlinks or SEO etc....

    Just constant unique fresh articles and some partnerships.

    Don't worry about getting the latest seo plugin or sneaky tactic to rank your sites.....

    I just wanted to motivate people to start....just start writing ....build your blog...take your first step tonight....don't wait until everything lines up perfectly...just go

    Wish everyone the best!

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    hey lyfe lyte the olympics was a great event..its not much crowded now since the olympics ended.
    i have to say you have got pretty impressive visitor stats.. i may start a site like that soon.

    best of luck for you
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    I make about $300-$500 avg with my store on EBay, I am looking to diversify so I am starting to learn more about internet and affiliate marketing.
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    I hope to be making 200 a day in about a year or so of focus.
    http://www.charlesmomo.com Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    Hi Lyfe, very impressive statistics there!
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    Right now I am not. You should put a button for less than $200 too. But in future I will make, I believe myself and I am working hard to achieve my target.
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    Hello folks,

    This post is kinda lame I think. For newbies reading this...well they're probably either getting pissed off...or are wondering if this is bs. But I'm gonna put in my 2 cents anyway...maybe to motivate those that are still struggling.

    My adsense sites altogether make about $30 a day....but adsense is a pain and takes a ton of work to keep sites fresh and getting traffic.
    I have some organic sites too that review sports betting, fitness and IM and on average those make about $100+ a day.

    Then I have other online business that make much more than that per day....depending on if I run a solo ad or buy some ppc. So instead of thinking in terms of spending money on ads...I look at it as.....trading some money to get a return and multiply that money by a factor of 4. For example, I'll spend $200 on solo ad..and in return make $800.
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      Originally Posted by salim 10 View Post

      please guys! is that there was a way to earn $ 5 per day for free and easily and without capital via the Internet?
      Oh for sure....I would start with $5 are your goal...but quickly raise that up to $50 ....as $5 is very simple to hit..one was is to create a website...use wordpress for example.thats super easy to set up....

      You can then drive traffic to it free via...signature links on forums...post videos with links to your site....leave comments with links...article marketing...free press releases..there are many. These do work..you just have to keep at them.

      Also set up a revenue model on your site....such as selling an ebook or course...also make sure to add opt-in to capture their email ...then you can market to them...

      You can just youtube any of this stuff...how to build a wordpress site..get traffic thru commenting etc...or Google....

      You can for sure hit $50 a day very quickly..just get everything set up right then go at it!

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    for sure .
    get the seo training you need from one of the masters!
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    I earn around $40 everyday you must have added an option "under $200"
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    Hi, I am finally able to post a link. I make about $300- $500 daily. I am currently aiming for $1k a day as we speak. I make most of my money as a Top Rated Powerseller on EBay. I believe anybody can do this after some work.

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