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I am from Bangladesh. A developing country.

It was 6 years ago, when I bought my computer my father told me that I should not buy this as it was really hard for him to bear the expanse, My mother ( I love her a lot ) sold her golden jewelry to support my father so that he can buy a computer for me.

Then I got a internet connection... It was costing me a lot as I had to do tuition to bear that cost. I started making blogs on blogspot and was trying to earn money....

Believe me that was boring... Then I came to know about web design... It just made me crazy... I started learning HTML, then CSS, then XHTML.... I found some freelance marketplace and tried applying theme for jobs while I was studying a lot....

I got my first job and I earned only $50 by working 3 month with that AU accountant. Forget to mention my first client was a young lady with accounting profession.

I was really happy as I earned something then I started learning ore and more... I improved myself with learning PHP and MySQL.... It opened a new door in-front of me to learn WordPress and...... That is why last two years is the golden years for me...

I started teaching some of my friends without any money and they become my partners at the long run and I am proud to say that I do have a web design company...

Now I do have two fixed jobs... I do have my team working for me... I now get more free time to invest some time here ..... Though I am geting some freelance work as well..

Again, forget to mention I do not have any local clients.... I mainly work for UK, USA and AU based clients... Is not it good? Of course it is!

Now earn a good amount and trying to make a source of passive earning source and that is why I am here

I apologize as I am not a good writer to write my own history moreover I was becoming emotional while I was writing this....

It is my story and I am more than eager to hear about yours and I am sure it will encourage a lot of people here....

Thanks in advance

P.S. Now I can buy a new computer each week if I want
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    You never know when opportunity comes your way. Congratulations.
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    great thread dude ..
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    Very impressive Sabbir! The internet has truly leveled the playing ground and your story proves that. I'm always amazed at what people can accomplish when they don't use "their story" as an excuse... but rather, like you... turn it into a success.

    Great job and the best of luck in the future!

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    That is a very motivating story Thanks for the time
    Signature Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    Congrats Sabbir! Make sure you don't become complacent with the status quo. Aim for bigger things!
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    Very inspiring, go big and continue to learn and earn more. Goodluck
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    Thanks dude excellent story
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    hey man...great attitude you have.

    You discovered the secret to making this online thing work...and that it persistence. You cannot explode your business overnight...unless you have a mentor and someone whos been there done that and shows you what to do.

    But for most of us, we just figure it out by trial and error and eventually...if we stick with it....then things will start to work out and you finally see results.

    So congrats to you my friend for having the focus to stay at it ..even thought you've had some limited resources. I'll bet dollars to donuts though....that you appreciate so much more the accomplishments you've had simply because you took the time to learn new things and find out what works.
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    Great post, good luck for the future.


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    I dropped out of college last year to pursue business online. I have been working my ass off every day, and because of this I have also been traveling the world meeting the coolest people. Living life the way I want.
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    Congrats for this.
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      Great post, thank you for sharing your story, it inspire me to grow in different area , and i'm sure it will t alot people here.
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    Very much effective,
    I have read it 4 times at a stretch.
    Really you have a strong patience ,that make you successful.
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