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Lately I have been giving free coaching to a few warriors and I have to tell you that it feels awesome! I just started a few days ago, and already one of my students is seeing results!

Give GIve GIVe GIVE!!!!!!

Even this past summer, I took about 15 pairs of jeans, close to 25-30 shirts that I had, and 5 pairs of shoes. Loaded them up, went up to a few homeless men in my town and gave them both a few pairs of jeans shirts and sneakers. Later after that I went to a goodwill trailer and gave them everything I had!

I have to tell you that there really is not better thing to do than give! And not 'give' because you expect something in return, but give because you truly want to help others!

We as human beings on this planet are interdependent on each other. We all need each other to survive. The airplane pilot needs travelers, the chef needs hungry people, the teacher needs students, the athletes need the coaches. and with all of those vice versa. We all need each other, you can agree. Now how much better do you think things would be if we all would just give and give and give to one another?

Give something today, not because you want something in return....

Just give and take notice as to how your heart feels watching that person receive.

Be blessed
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