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In your life, you will get answer yes, maybe and no
What you want in those questions?
I can accept yes or maybe to try more time.
With no, do you lose your confident?
So, key in here is control your reaction with any answers.
No matter with hundred of reasons that say no with you.
Nothing you need to do in this case.
Do you understand?
You don't try to need that person interested in you.
You are still comfortable with that answer too.
You are strong and confident.
Do you know when you have strong in your feel you will attract more people?
That true.
With maybe, how many time for you try again?
You only try require second.
If you get no, you should get out of this person to work with other people.

That power with selling and dating.
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    A nice little phrase that goes along with this...

    "Neutrality is power"
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    True enough. Success is rarely attained without first being met with failure, that being temporary defeat.
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    If you learn to control yourself it really will not matter much whether the answers you get are yes or no or even maybe
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      I agree with point.
      If you are confident, you will attract person and they say yes for you.
      But if you are in process be confident, you need control your reaction with answer no.
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