Super Human Psychology - How to Create it.

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Let's talk about basic human behavior and thinking patterns. To do this you have to start at the root and work your way up to the branches, so to say. Take a look at the stream of processes humans refer to each day in order to make decisions.

Perception (what we observe with our 5 senses leads to how we form a view of such an experience, furthermore it creates a feel or "feeling" about a particular object or event in which we are perceiving)

Emotions (information we perceive will create an emotion which will determine how we feel which could be: inspired, fearful, happy, sad, upset, discontent, angry, irritated, lively, etc.)

Feelings (how you feel determines how you think, your emotional predecessors will begin to create thoughts and mental knowledge which is a documentation of the experience also known as wisdom, and this potentially will create a habitual structure (habits) if the impact of the experience created a feeling that the mind doing the perceiving desires)

Thoughts (how you think determines how you will act, how you will talk and respond to others, and more importantly, how you will compose yourself and respond to praise and rejection. You can think positively, negatively, objectively, cynically, etc.)

Actions (how you act will determine how you live, your thoughts are like keys that open doors, life is quite like a hallway full of doors that can lead to either paradise or destruction. You have the golden key, which is the free will and ability to open any which door you desire. The doors that you should open will be opened at the expense of your thoughts which shape your keys)

Emotions can make you invincible and emotions can become your enemy.

Another significant part of your ability to reason will be derived not only by your emotions or feelings but by your values, desires and greatest passions. One of my greatest secrets to becoming so successful at such a young age, in so short a time period was because of my ruthless work habits.

But one obviously must wonder where in the world do you muster the energy to uphold such a commitment? What commitment?

Before I tasted the independence and financial freedom internet marketing created in my life, I worked two part time jobs and went to school full time. In order to defeat the bodily weakness of mental and physical fatigue my life's circumstances placed upon me, I needed a few weapons of my own if I were to stand a chance.

You may be lucky enough to have a singular experience in your life that changes everything. How you think, how you act, how you live. If you do not, it is fine you can create an artifical one, and I'm going to show you how to do that right now.

This is a secret that is a priceless asset to any individual, it is quite like a magical button you can press to create "inspiration on demand." Inspiration creates motivation which is accompanied by energy and determination. Once you understand this you can manipulate your emotions to manipulate your energy at will.

After getting home at 11 o'clock at night each day (16 hour day between school and work) I thirsted for ESCAPE. A way to get out of this nightmare of working 2 jobs and going to college for a career that did not interest me in the least. Unfortunately, after eating dinner and taking a hot shower there was only one thought on my mind which consistently deleted my dream of escape.

Sleep. I was tired. Tired of being tired. If I were to escape and live how I truly desired I needed to confuse my very own habits and my very own mind with a delusion or illusion of myself escaping...or something.

This is when I realized I could plant an artificial thought in my mind which absolutely ANGERED ME. I don't know about you, but when I'm angry I feel INVINCIBLE. I feel as if I could tackle a NFL Linebacker. When you create a thought in your mind that emits this feeling and behavior in yourself which makes you want to scream you will create an immense amount of energy.

You can then channel this energy into a productive and focused manner to achieve what it is you truly desire.

First, here is the one of the thoughts that propelled me forward to work at night after I had already put in a 16 hour day.

I sat down and imagined that I was standing in a busy street. There were people passing me by, my friends, my family, basically anyone I cared about. They had all said "Goodbye" as they passed me and they vanished into the distance.

They had left me, alone, they had moved onward and I was stuck moving no where, stuck in the same exact painful place while everyone whom I cared about had gone on to live successful and happy lives.

Filled with discontent, remorse, anger, REGRET, I would imagine myself screaming as loud as I could, the cry of someone who had been a failure, a weak pathetic fool filled with discontent and regret from the choices he made while everyone else was prosperous.

Each time, even as I write this now, I feel a sense of outstanding energy. I feel like I could jump off a cliff without a parachute, I feel as if I could sprint for miles without stopping. This thought registered on an emotional level and triggered persistence, energy and resolve.

I will not shelter the fact that this particular thought allowed me to stay awake and accomplish much. I would sleep through classes, I would drink caffeine to stay awake as long as I could before I gave into the weight of my eyelids.

If you want inspiration, motivation and energy at will, think about something happening that you could have prevented. Think about how no one cares about you and your failures, think about how no one even knows you exist, think about the prosperity of others and the absence of prosperity in your own life.

These thoughts motivate me. Your motivation may be your daughter, or your son. Your father, your mother or perhaps your desire to live a better 'U N L O C K E D" life. A life where you are not burdened by problems you do not wish to entertain in the least.

Your homework is to imagine an experience that cultivates these feelings or refer to a past (real) experience that made you feel this sort of way, it's like you want to establish the fact that you are incomplete with how you are living.

Incompleteness gives us purpose. I don't have the desire to feel complete. I want there to be new adventures, new experiences, new women, new drinks, new weather, new anything.

Familiarity breeds disinterest. I will never be disinterested in living until I'm no longer a part of this planet. If you view things this way you will not either, it is this mindset that allows you to create value in others lives as well as your own.

NEVER SETTLING. You can always do better, you can always improve.

Now that we know how emotions can make you invincible, let's talk about how they can destroy you. You need to know how to eliminate emotions that are of a "self - destruction" nature. The biggest key secret about negative emotions is to use them as instruments to create positive emotions as I discussed above. Likewise, positive emotions should be used as instruments to breed more positive emotions.

The longer you dwell in a state of discontentment, sadness or hopelessness without experiencing the desire for change, inspiration or new emotions that breed happiness, the harder it is to escape. Think about it, if someone is by habit, a cheerful and optimistic person it is going to take a lot more to get them down.

If someone is by habit, always pessimistic and has ill thoughts constantly, it becomes much harder to break free. The best day to start using your negative thoughts, feeling and emotions to channel energy to create positive thoughts and emotions is today, in fact RIGHT NOW.

So long as you have the ability to read and understand this post you have no incompetence, the only incompetence someone possesses is one that they artificially create within themeselves which takes the form of self - doubt, excuses, complaints and other negative conjectures.

STOP today, use negative emotions to channel CHANGE in your life. Let it MOTIVATE you. GET PISSED OFF!!!

SCREAM! This is how you know you are alive. If this post really hit home with you then you are indeed in the mood to taste change in your life.

Now Go, Do This Now! Get it Tattooed on your eyelids, write it on your mirror! Do whatever you have to do so that you do not forget that you have everything you need in order to create change in your life.

You need discipline? Commitment? Energy? Determination? These will all accompany you with whatever path you choose so long as you use your thoughts to your advantage instead of letting them work against you. Find strength where others find weakness.
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