How do you see yourself, and does it complete you? Are you connected with your true self?

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Hey Guys,

This post isn't the norm I suppose, but I feel like sharing it at this moment in time. It's for anyone who either wishes to get more in touch with who they are, and for those who need a boost into positive thinking and more creativity in life.

I recently came across a new sense of who I am. To me it's the real sense of who I am and have always been and always will be.

This true living state has allowed me to live more freely, although I'm still practicing it, I can already see the huge potential for inner peace and a more joyful life. I'll give credit to the sources which assisted me into this state of thinking and being at the end of my post, but in reality they didn't make me who I am, they more so reminded me and helped me awaken into my true sense of being.

I was thinking about how I could create this post, and how it could help others feel the same joy that I am now. I think the best way is to relate to many issues which come up when working online and in everyday life for most people.

I used to come to the WF or other areas online, produce mass lists of ideas and projects I'd like to pursue, then after a few hours start to think, "I'm not really getting much done, I better start now". Then I'd think of where to start with an idea or project, begin working on it, and then become distracted once again with other ideas and projects.

This would last for hours on end, until I would switch the computer off due to information overload or my head feeling as though it was about to explode.

Whilst the ideas were good, I just couldn't home in on one of them, therefore nothing would get done. This is a very common occurrence when working online, and it's also a very common issue in life outside of work with hobbies and things we wish to do. Our minds are set into thinking that we need to get this done, and we need to get that done, and the whole list has to get ticked off right now. Some people go through their entire lives with this insane outlook and mindset in life. I was going to be another one of them until recently.

There are many eBooks and teachers online who will tell you not to bow down to information overload, they'll teach you about concentrating on one thing at a time. It's good advice, yet it usually only sticks for a certain amount of time with a lot of people. Something more solid should be put in place, something which strips back all this excess baggage and need and want for things.

People will go through their lives thinking about the past, creating anger, frustrations, thinking about the what if's, fear, worry, anxiety, depression. This all comes under negativity.

The same people will also think about the future, this also creates fear, anxiety, pain, conflict, depression, it's negativity.

The real and only truth is that you are here, now in the present moment. If something has happened in the past, it has been and gone, there is nothing you can do about it now. You can never go back to it, in the present moment the past is dead. The same goes for the future, it is an illusion, just as is the past. Nothing that has ever been done or accomplished has ever taken place outside of the now, the present moment you live in. Have you ever been outside this very moment in which you find yourself in? It is not possible.

This is where the change happened for me. Although I had thought about these facts before, I had never truly embraced them and allowed them to be in my thoughts and feelings. It is only when I truly surrendered to the now and present moment that things became clear to me.

As I began concentrating on myself and where I was at that moment, things began to change. When first attempting to live in the present moment and to truly 100% be there, you must first observe your current state of being. A great teacher once said that you must be the observing presence, watch your thoughts, watch your emotions, see the impact they have on your physical body, for example anger forces the body to tense up and contract.

So this is what I did, I observed my thoughts, at first nothing happened as I was waiting for something to happen in a thought process, then I looked deeper at my emotions and the way my body felt. I felt rigid in my back, and all tensed up. I thought maybe I was feeling some anger or resentment to past decisions, then I began thinking about my past and why I'd feel angry or any negativity. I then realized I was judging my thoughts, and reacting to them with resistance. This is when it all clicked for me.

What I'd stumbled across was that I was reacting to something that was no longer present, something which could never be present. Ever heard the statement, "reliving the past"? This was it, and I was allowing past occurrences and conflicts to still have an affect on me. I thought, this is INSANITY! How can I let something which isn't even here affect me and ruin my mood and state of being. When I realized this, the feelings INSTANTLY dissolved, and I felt myself entering a state of bliss and joy, I actually began uncontrollably laughing and my Fiancee got really freaked out, but I couldn't help it. No longer did the past have an affect on me, how can it, it's an illusion. The truth is that the only place you can ever be is where you are now, the only moment you can ever be in is this moment right here, so if you're thinking of any problem which happened to you before or that you are apparently going to face at some time, realize that you do not have this problem right now, so why let it drag you down?

Think of it this way, would you purposely choose to feel negativity? Would you purposely choose to feel anger, depression and anxiety? You wouldn't, the reason it happens is because you are addicted to your thoughts and this false sense of self which your mind has created. However if you live in the present moment you are untouched, the prior feelings of anger, resentment and reaction to all these things will disappear if you surrender to the current moment which is eternity. To let something which isn't real affect you and carry it with you is insanity.

Personally I am still practicing living in the moment, as it has only been a short while. But since that very moment where I realized the past and future have no real meaning as the now is all that there is and all that there ever will be, I have been living in a much clearer, happier, positive, peaceful and joyful state of being.

There are many obstacles which we face that hold us back from living in the moment. By far the biggest one is our mind. Realizing your true self occurs when you realize you are not your mind. From birth being born into this world we live in today we are conditioned into creating this false sense of self. When you begin to think, thoughts such as, "I cannot live with myself being like this any longer", and you really think about those thoughts, take a look at what it means. Is there two of you? The answer is there is one of you, and the other is a false creation of you which has been manifested since you were conditioned by 'the mind'.

We are given a name, a date of birth, we are born in a country, in a planet, in the universe. We then grow up being told what we are from childhood even small statements such as, "your crazy", or, "you should be ashamed of yourself", there are thousands of these statements. Therefore we grow up thinking these thoughts and believing them.

For example my name given to me was Jack Coxill. Now I lived most of my life thinking, I am Jack, I do this and I do that, these are my hobbies, these are my personality traits and weaknesses. But when I got into the presence of now and the true reality of the world, it all hit me and made sense. I am not Jack, I simply AM. I am the presence within me, I am my being, I'm not my mind. People in this world create this false sense of self through their minds and it scares them to leave this false sense of self, their minds won't allow it. The mind will tell you that you'll lose your identity or become nothing if you dis-attach yourself from it, but the truth is that dis-attaching yourself from your mind or from identification with the mind is the only way into the reality of this world, it is the only way into truly knowing yourself and who you are. People convince themselves from childhood that their mind is who they are and it grows stronger and more out of control as the years go on until your true self is hidden underneath so many layers that it is suffocated. Your mind is a tool, it can be used for good positive practical reasons, but only if you realize your true self can this happen.

Everything has a name, everything has been given a label. When in reality, true reality, it doesn't have a name or label it simply is... If you were to ask an animal, "what are you and where are you?" They would reply, I am, and I am here. They don't know they're an animal, they simply are here and accept it.

This post could go on for a long time, many amazing books and videos have been created around realizing your true self. However, the underlying truth of it all stands on its own. To really know yourself, your true self, can only unravel to you if you break this identification with your mind as your apparent real self, and free yourself of illusory time, the past and future, only the now exists, it is all that has ever existed and all there will ever be. You are reading this in the now and it has never changed.

This may sound confusing to many people, others may already be alert on this information, but if you would like to ask any questions feel free to PM me or leave a comment. This post isn't here to create conflict or any upheaval, it's simply here as I felt like sharing what I have been through and how I have enrolled a new sense of my true being into my life.

Some of the sources I have been reading recently have been, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle and The Art Of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama.

Thanks for reading and your patience...
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    You say "Thanks for reading", but I think I'm the only one who read... Some people are scared off by giant walls of text, because they automatically discredit them worth their time, even though they could be loaded with wisdom.

    I enjoy your post and find much truth in it. I do have a different outlook on time though, as explained by Dr. Wayne Dyer. There isn't just past, present, and future. Everything is happening at once.

    Time is something that is relative to us - it's our own dimensional factor. A good explanation would be through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The very first episode explains this very phenomenon.

    What Dr. Dyer instructs for us to do is to embrace our own divinity and realize that we are literally a part of God. He uses the analogy of somebody taking a bucket and dipping it into the ocean. Is the water in the bucket now no longer ocean? Of course not, it's still ocean, part of a whole. This means that we are of a divine nature, part of God literally. According to Dr. Dyer and his supporting evidence, there is no linear time for that which is divine. It all just IS. It's everything all at once - Even though it may be difficult to wrap your head around that.

    Because of this, it's the reason we must say I AM wealth, I AM healthy, I AM strong, in absolute certainty of present tense. To say I will be wealthy, I will be healthy, I will be strong, is to deny that you are, and deferring it to some date that can't possibly exist because time (In divinity) is only ever current, never past or future.

    I'd recommend "Wishes Fulfilled" by Dr. Wayne Dyer in order to grasp this concept. If you're interested, I can give you a link to get it for free.

    I don't make this post in order to overshadow your own, but rather to contribute to it and expand upon the wisdom you've already shared.

    I'm grateful for the time you took to post this, and I hope others can benefit from it as well. (Assuming they don't discredit it because if it's size)
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    An excellent post!

    Once you realise that it is easier to take notice of your emotions rather than your thoughts, life becomes much simpler.

    If I find that I am becoming a little bit miserable I know it's time to do something to change it before it becomes all consuming. We have all at sometime in our life gone into the downward spiral of thought.

    For example:

    If one of my kids was late home, I would start by thinking,

    "I wonder where he is"

    From there the next thought would be

    "I hope he hasn't had an accident"

    This thought process would gradually lead to planning a funeral.

    Now that I am aware of this, I am able to stop this downward spiral of thought happening. I simply put on some upbeat music or call my sister who I can always rely on to make my laugh.

    Live for now and make it as positive an experience as you can, as you said, why worry about what happened in the past - you can't change it.

    Make your 'now' as good as you possibly can.


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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    Hmmm Jack Coxil
    What I infer from here
    Always see the positive side of the picture, and most of peoples lack these capability
    That craft them anxious all the time and away from the success which they be worthy of

    YOU said :
    “huge potential for inner peace “
    That’s really difficult job to accomplish, but practice make the one perfect
    “People will go through their lives thinking about the past… “
    Don’t think what has been passed think about future in the experience of the past and reach the top
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    Good Post. Long, but I get where you are coming from. Once you find your true self, higher self, whatever you want to call it, life starts to really begin.
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    Thank you Jack,

    This information is priceless to me. Now I'm going to practice on letting it all go now that I know that it's all useless.
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    Amazing post, you definitely didn't hold back!
    I agree that the closer you get to your true self the happier you are, sounds corny but it's true because there will be consistency.
    If you think about, successful people know who they are and what they are capable of and that enables them to tap more potential and take massive action which will lead to greater results and confirm their positive self-image creating momentum.
    Always expect the best of yourself!

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    @ Holy Warrior - Lol I know what you mean about long posts, I didn't intend to set any targets or anything with this post, it kind of took shape naturally. But I'm glad you read it and also glad others did too.

    @ Karen Connell - Glad you liked the post, you make a great point about paying more attention to your body emotions rather than your thoughts. If your body is telling you one thing and your mind another, the truthful path will usually be through your body not your mind. The mind likes to create 'movies' and anticipation to things that aren't even real. Whereas the body can never do this, it can only create sensations in the now, the mind will make future and past projections and reflections which of course are not real.

    @ Joel33020 - I'm not sure you got this post. I am most certainly not indicating that you forget everything you've ever learnt and that your entire life up to this point has been useless or however you'd like to phrase it. I'm merely pointing back to the 'source' of which many of us tend to forget is in fact your true self. This information is meant to allow you to free yourself from your mind, so that you can invite more peace and stillness into your life thus becoming more creative and living in a state of joy.

    @ Anthony Gibson - Thanks for the message I think it's important to realize that we can't confirm ourselves as an image as such. For example, if someone asks you to truly 'show' them who you are. How can you do this? How can you physically show someone externally who you are? The real source of who you are is not in your form or physical figure, it is internally embedded within you.

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    Hi Jack!
    It seems you have started looking towards your inner-self and paying attention to your the voices that arise from within
    I will go ahead a step and say that you have started to redefine your perception of the world. Good for you and the readers like me
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    I'm pretty sure that, as many of us are, I'm not seeing myself as others see me - but I'm positive that what I see in myself is the true me. And it's just a matter of time until I change other people's views too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jack Coxill
    Thanks everyone for reading

    @ Mousumi - I most definitely have changed my perception of the world for the better. Realizing that nothing which is real in me can ever be threatened. Makes every area of life feel much lighter and more joyful. Directing my attention inward for once instead of focusing on everything in the external has been the single best decision I've ever made.
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    Yeah I agree, we are essentially an energy, an "essence." Self-image just being the overall personality from a typical psychological/social viewpoint. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies.

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    till now not but I am trying and trying ,
    I will stick with it till success.
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    for me there is no true or false self it's just question of happiness or sadness
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