You Can Plan A Pretty Picnic, But You Cant Predict The Weather

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I don't plan for events anymore

because I never know when they're

coming! I plan for the process!

There are people who plan for events

and when the events dont happen they

dont show up. And then there are people

who wake up at 5 am and work

on their skills and plan for the

process because they are hungry!

Be Hungry! Plan For The Process!

Work and Work and Work! Your

Opportunity will come when you

plan before the event comes!

Stop witting around waiting for a

phone call! Stop sitting around,

waiting for an opportunity! I need you

to feel what I'm saying!

You will nail the opportunity, you

have got to be there before you

are actually there! Go forward in

the future with your mind and

see the way you want your event

to pan out!
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