Lack of confidence what is this about?

by nipsyr
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There really is no reason I should feel this way.

I am writing an authority site for something I have been doing for more than 2 decades now but when I look at some of my competitors, I think wow what they are writing is so much better than what I am writing.

Part of my plan is to post comments on their blogs on topics I can add value to, but I am hesitant to do that from negative experiences in the past where a few of these people really were unfriendly and had an arrogant attitude.

Fortunately not everyone is like that!

What can I do to keep confidence in myself and my abilities? I know if there is a topic I am not well versed in I can easily research it and learn. I don't have much experience speaking or teaching what I know either.

I started recording some video content and although I do have a nice radio style voice, (all those singing lessons helped!) my voice is a bit stuttery nervous reading aloud. I am hoping this goes away with practice.

Let's say I am not feeling very confident about this today.
What can I do?
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    trying to use their comment section to build your business is not all that friendly .. if you write a blog about a similar subject and you have a positive comment about a post of their .. link the post on your blog and put your positive opinion in your post .. then e-mail them that you posted a link from your blog to theirs and a comment ..and if they want you to remove it .. just let you know ..

    cooperation is a great way to build if you are new .. and personally if i had a blog i would not allow comments ..
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    Sounds like you're an expert in your field based on your more than two decades of experience and the question is not how to get confidence but how to keep it...

    Make a plan for what you need to do and do it. Stick with the plan. Don't let what the competition is doing "psyche" you out. If something doesn't work out, don't see it as a failure but as a learning experience for what doesn't work. If negative thoughts or doubts come up, acknowledge them and relax. Eventually, they will pass. They can come again, and again they will pass. Take some time off to clear your head if you need to; go on a walk or whatever works for you. Never give up under any circumstance. Keep at it until you reach your goals!

    Never Give Up!

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