Law of Attraction- yes or no

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I'm in networking in my homebased business, and have been in real estate for 24 years. I'm a broker and own my own office. With that being stated , I believe you must use the Law of Attraction to get people in your homebased business, and I use it to get listings in real estate. All my real estate customers come to me, out of their knowledge of me or my small franchise(that law of attraction).
In MLM, you can chase people with your products, includes your friends and relatives. Do ads in papers, websites. I have done that for 25 years- no more of this BS for me.
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    Yes... Use the Law of Attraction to attract like minded people to you and to surround yourself and your team with positive, outgoing and successful people.

    Of course you have to have a product that you believe in 100%... and one that everyone else can see that you believe in so it creates a burning desire. A burning desire to better oneself for example.

    With that said, I have to agree with honestbizpro, because 1% of my affiliates earn 95% of the commissions.

    You know what else? That 1% of the super affiliates are also much easier to deal with, because they open the least amount of support tickets.
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    Hi ronstreed,

    Sounds like you have a good grasp on Networking. But I feel personally, that if you really want to excel you have to find not just want Superstars!

    You want only Super Affiliates. And if they are not that way when you meet them, then you teach them to be!

    And you teach them to train everyone they bring in to be the exact same way.

    You will never become a top earner doing mediocre methods that build a mediocre downline.

    Besides having one hell of a great product or service to build on..I would place considerable attention to recruiting and training Superstars.

    Well that's just how I like to do things.
    Couldn't have said it better.... I agree with honestbizpro
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    In any situation, personal or business, you must stay focused on attracting people who are the right match for you and the growth of your business. If you believe you are a '10', and what you offer is a '10' you must stay committed to attracting that in your life. I know I learned a lot by wasting so much energy on people who I got along with, but was not a good match for my professional growth and I had to trust my instincts and let them go and find those who were a match.
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