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What's the one thing that if you did every day for 30 days, will give you the most returns imaginable, and will affect every aspects of your life.

I was thinking of practices and self-help programs that greatly improves yourself and your life after you've done the 30 day thing.

Here are examples:

Brainwave entrainment

Any more ideas appreciated.

If you have done a practice that has dramatically changed your life after you've done them for 30 days, please share.

Since we're in IM, please share something that has made you productive, eliminate procrastination, be more creative, focused, etc.
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    Agreed with Horst! There has to be a balance. You have to take action if you want to accomplish your goals. At the same time staying in the right mindset and developing yourself both in and out will be important.

    Create a consistent routine you can follow and make it happen

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    Absolutely would be working out (if you aren't already doing it) - I freakin love it and it changed my life.
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    running for 30 days
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    Me, study my French lesson for 5-8 hrs a day in 30 days without thinking about work. Maybe it will help me a lot since it's not easy to study and understand something when you're also thinking about the business and everything about it.
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    Try a random act of kindness every day to for 30 days. (Or any act of kindness where you don't expect any kind of return. Not even a thank you.)

    It'll kick you happiness level up about a thousand notches which will in turn supercharge your actions, energy, and focus.

    Even if I'm wrong, I'll bet you'd still be happy you did it!
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