What if Napoleon Hill never existed ?

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    Originally Posted by horst View Post

    it doesn't matter. just do what works for you. if he has existed and his formula doesn't work for you - forget about him. if he never existed and his material works for you - great! go for it!
    Agree! Napoleon Hill is past, I should learn from him. but We are the future!
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    The principles he teaches existed for thousands of years, even before Christ. It just happened that he was the one that brought them to the mainstream. The mystery schools studied manifestation, and the "enlightened ones" can be traced back incredibly far. There are successful people who intuitively figure out what others need to learn from teachers like Napoleon.

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    The question reminds me about a similar one asked of a very wise man i.e. what if Moses had never existed?

    He replied, "Then he would need to be invented".

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    As he teaches on "Think and grow Rich", the idea of bringing all those powerful concepts would have occurred to other person. it is really interesting to read his book and really try to imagine the mechanisms that drive the generation of ideas and how some people get the results they want without seemingly trying.

    It is one of my personal favorites.
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    The world would continue evolving without him. He was important, but he was not the most important.
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    I think it doesnt matter .. Someone else will do wht he done ..
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    then it would have had to have been a rich person to write the book on how to aquire great wealth.. not someone with major block to his own flow of abundence untill near the end of his life ..

    the principles come up time and time again.. hills work probabably had more sticking power because of the timeing the tiltle and the endorsement of those involved ..
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    Inventions doesn't matter to a person. If Napoleon Hill didn't exist, anyone else will find those secret of making money.
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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    We would all be better off.
    Haha I like the avatar pic.

    But yeah, Carnegie would've found somebody else probably.

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