Why 95% of You Will Fail In Business Until You Do This

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Do you ever wonder why the Secret, Manifesting, and the Law of Attraction seems to work for other people but not for you. Do you say to yourself "I am reading the same literature they are and I am trying as hard as I can, why won't it work for me?" The answer is summed up in 2 words; Self-Sabotage.

The next obvious questions are; What causes self-sabotage?, and How do I get rid of it? The answers are given in my new ebook I just released, called "Self-Sabotage, The Dream Killer".

What you will learn is not the old traditional reasons, but the real root causes. Then you will learn a simple 3 step process that you do yourself, and you will permanently remove everything causing self-sabotage. You will be blown away by the transformation in yourself, like I was when I learned it.

I need to give you a heads up before you download my ebook. This system I found and learned for myself created such a profound and life changing experience for me that I was inspired to write this ebook. The book shows my personal experiences and amazing stories, and it gives you a step by step explanation of how and why the system works.

So you know in advance, you will have to buy the system owners book which contains a necessary chart. The cost is only $20. I would have included the chart in my ebook, but I am just a customer and the chart is copyrighted.

I get no compensation of any type from the Company. They do not have an affiliate program and offer no compensation for referrals. Think of this ebook
as my unsolicited testimony for what I know will remove your self-sabotage.
Enjoy the book and be sure to comment on it. Your feedback is valuable to me.

This is a free ebook with reprint rights (Explained in the book) When you click on the link you will go directly to the ebook on Adobe PDF on a Google Doc URL. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts on this thread.and the ebook.

If you have any problems downloading the Ebook, a couple people have, it isn't a problem. Just send me an email here and ask for it. I will attach it to my reply. Thank you. jerry_garner@bellsouth.net
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