Opportunity is nothing.

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Without action.
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    What happen here i don't know.
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    Action is not all. There's destiny.
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  • Without action everything is just a wish.
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    When u let it gone..
    Work HARD n SMART...^_^
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    Action is nothing without a plan.
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    Definitely agree with Sabina.

    The word "action" is thrown around here like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Action isn't going to take you spectacularly far if you don't have a concrete sales funnel and long term plan.
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    Indeed...taking action is not the same as taking blind action. That is where many goes wrong...and the "other half" goes wrong when they start to plan about planning about making a plan about the masterplan. I think finding the right balance is critical. You can plan all you want but if you never take action then your plans are just as good as Ben Bernankes plans to save U.S. economy (luckyly I do not live in US...not sure if EU is any better in this sense tho)... But if you take action without any plan then your action is just as good as...well, Helicopter Bens $40billion/month "stimulus"...

    Make a plan, stick to it, take action...take more action etc. but if it doesn´t work for you then you need to adjust your actions and/or plan a bit and continue. It´s like climbing a mountain, first you make a plan, then you take action...you arrive at your base camp or next spot, then look at circumstances and adjust a bit IF needed...but sometimes you need to take couple steps sideways, or even one or two steps down, in order to find the correct path on your way to the top, me thinks...

    On your way to the top you may find many opportunities...but that does not mean that you should take every one of them. Even opportunity has a PRICE. If it makes sense to pay the price then go for it, take action.
    PM me for questions, JV, whatever...
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    Action is very important one in life.
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    I agree with the others. Action without purpose is wasted opportunity. Only once I started developing a long term strategy with regards to my offline business did I find purpose behind my action,
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    You have to be able to recognize the opportunity first, then engage in consistent action.
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    Opportunity is nothing if you don't seize the moment.
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    Without action you will not get good result.
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