What Do You Do During The Hard Times?

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When your on your journey towards success, hard times and struggle is certain. What do you guys do or how do you deal with it personally?

Les Brown says it best. You gotta have FAITH! To call forth those things that be not, as though they were! Judge not according to appearances or current circumstance and don't base your possibilities on what you have now.

If you are going through some hard times right now. Just know...

"It has not come to stay. It has come to PASS!"

No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, your going to make it!
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    I am currently in my hard times. I have worked relentlessly for the past 3months, and nothing seems to be changing.

    Though I see positive changes in some aspects, they are not the ones that can change my life.
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    Originally Posted by lMlariaVC View Post

    When your on your journey towards success, hard times and struggle is certain. What do you guys do or how do you deal with it personally?
    I have learned to look inwards for an appreciation of each and every experience. Over time, I have come to accept and embrace the concept that any experience is one we can learn from.

    I've dealt with lots. Health issues, wealth issues, emotional issues, family issues, and more. Now that I am coaching people, I have realized that those experiences have helped me to have a more well rounded view of others.

    The challenge is to make that same realization during the hard times. It is much more simple, although still not easy, to make that realization when you analyze a situation from the distance of time. To realize it, while the hard times are underway, now that is something I admit to struggling with greatly still.

    So for me, I take each and every experience, and I try to understand how that experience can help me in the future. Yes, it is easier to say than do, but that is how I try to deal with those times.
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    For me, I'd dig up my motivational videos (there are tons lying around in this forum) and watch them. I'd get pumped up every time.. Hope it works for you!
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    I get myself to do something productive instead of wallowing and sulking.
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    I look for more work, run ads, read forum threads and keep myself in that working frame of mind so I can attract work. I email current clients and see if they need extra work done. Running ads in here and on sites such as Gumtree attract work for me and will continue to do so. When it is quiet, be patient but never give up.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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