Why Do You Think So Few Act?

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I think we all know that one of the biggest blocks people face (not only in IM, but in any life change) is actually taking the action.

If you haven't seen the video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese, check it out on the page below:

Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese

So, what do you think? Why do so few take action?
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    A number of reasons.
    1. Paralysis caused by analysis. We analyse things so much until we become perpetual analysts who Never take action.

    2. Similar to the first reason but slightly different, we get overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task at hand. It helps to break things into parts that form the complete picture. Thinking of climbing Mount Everest in one day will demoralize anyone.

    3. Insufficient preparation. I've found that the less prepared I am, the less likely that I will follow through with what I want to do. For instance, if I want to write a report on anything, I'm more likely to write it if I feel I have prepared well by gaining sufficient knowledge.

    4. Not laying down a solid plan before taking ANY step. Imagine trying to build a house without a plan. It will make for some brilliant comedy. Unless you're a really good builder, you'll need the architect to lay down a solid plan that you can easily follow. With the plan in front of you Action! becomes easy.

    5. Last but certainly not least, I have found after doing a bit of research that we as humans are asleep. Me included. We walk around like robots doing things without really thinking through them. How does this affect our ability to act?

    Well, as an example, most people believe that money is valuable. Yet if they woke up, they would realise that money has no intrinsic value. Then they would not simply sheepishly go to work for an employer who gives them a pay check every month or week.

    If they woke up, they would realise that things like gold, real estate, land etc have more value in the long term. They would then ACT by starting a business that would provide them with the income they need to invest in gold etc. Lets wake up!!
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    #1 reason is lack of self confident. They are afraid of failing so they keep buying books after books and look for the "easy door" and there is no easy door. So they never really take action and eventually give up.
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    It's just as John Reese mentioned in the video. People are afraid to fail. By not taking action, they can always have that glimmer of hope of the IM lifestyle in the form of data sitting in their hard drives. If they were to take action and failed, the bubble of hope will be burst, leaving them with nothing to hold on to.

    I think that's why most people don't take action.They secretly don't believe IM works and they just want to have that hope.
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      Its interesting because i think people learn to be afraid to fail.And i can easily explain why this is.When we were a baby and learning to walk we fell over many many hundreds of times, so i guess you could say we failed.But being a baby and not knowing anything different we just got back up again and kept going until we mastered it.As we grow older and become more aware of failure we are less determined or more likely to give up and then thats what happens.So i honestly believe everyone here has the potential to be successful as you have already shown that by learning to walk , talk drive etc.So as with most things in life you need to be positive and determined not give up and keep on trucking

      Hope that makes some of you think of things in a more positive light

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    Do you think it's really not taking action or it's getting frustrated too easily and giving up? I think it's a lot like running. There are a ton of people out there who have laced up shoes, gone for a run maybe 2 or 3 times, and then quit.

    It's one thing to get people to take action but how do you get them to continuously take action? When things get difficult, boring, tedious, expensive, and risky, what do you say to them to keep them going? I think this is the true issue.
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      Originally Posted by jeffonmission View Post

      Do you think it's really not taking action or it's getting frustrated too easily and giving up? I think it's a lot like running. There are a ton of people out there who have laced up shoes, gone for a run maybe 2 or 3 times, and then quit.

      It's one thing to get people to take action but how do you get them to continuously take action? When things get difficult, boring, tedious, expensive, and risky, what do you say to them to keep them going? I think this is the true issue.
      That's a good question. I'd guess that far fewer people though even take that first step than do and give up.

      Getting folks to work through the issues you brought up (boring, tedious, etc...) is, IMHO, a second challenge after getting them to the action phase in the first place.

      I work with lots of people, and it pains me to know that for the vast majority, they will not act. Even if they have paid good money to learn, there still is a mental barrier to action.

      The story people tell themselves about why they can not/will not/should not succeed is the most powerful story in their mind.
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    I think there are two reasons personally.

    The first is that there are just so many products out there designed to help people make money online. People might read a great WSO and rather than take action based on it they wish to find a better report that will make making money even easier. Alot of the marketing techniques are designed to hook these sorts of people. One might read a report saying how to make $2000 in one month, then when they have finished they see one saying how to make $3000 in one month and they just continue reading and eventually find themselves in information overload territory...

    The second reason is what initially put myself off taking action for a while. When I read about IM I saw the possibilities of making a good living out of it. Perhaps I wouldn't need to work a 'typical' job again. I convinced myself that this could be my future, and I kept telling myself this story as I procrastinated. It was my dream to not have to work a 9-5 again, and whilst I wasn't taking action I could continue believing in my dream and that I would one day achieve it. By taking action I was running the risk of failure, which would shatter that dream, whilst procrastinating I could preserve it. Obviously this makes NO sense! But I think alot of people suffer from this without realising it.

    For example, lets say you think you are a great tennis player. This might be an important belief for you, an important part of who you are. Every time you play a game of tennis you run the risk of being beaten and maybe facing the realisation that you aren't a great tennis player. Therefore, you may decide not to play competitively to preserve this self image that is important to you.
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    People don't take action because they don't have the burning desire to succeed.
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      I believe it is mostly social conditioning.

      From the time we are little we are told to keep quiet and become good worker bees for someone else and you will be rewarded if you do that. If you are loyal and work 40 years for someone else you will get a gold watch and able to enjoy your retirement years doing what you want.

      People are so used to being told what to do and when to do it, they don't have the skills to self-direct.

      Being a worker bee for someone else is much easier than taking all the responsibility for yourself.
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    This post could could be answered with one word.


    Fear of success
    Fear of Failure
    Fear of Ridicule
    The list goes on and on..

    Fear creates self-sabotaging, poverty mindset, and so much more.

    We literally have to reprogram ourselves to achieve massive success.
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    Why Do You Think So Few Act?
    Its in our DNA as humans . Would you go grab a bag of gold guarded by hungry lions or think about it? Thats right the lions put the gold there to draw you in so they could eat you. If
    you believed what everyone told you would be an idiot. Theres as many ways to do anything as there are people to do them. Sure you have to try it to see if it works but not in a depression where anybody will say anything to turn your money into their money. So if you want to gamble try it. If you really want to do something to change your life for free start eating right and exercising and mind exercises. But understand you are right to not act on everything that involves releasing your will and money to others , trust your gut feelings or get burned a few times but learn from the burn.
    Lean in close Ill whisper the secret to you: (a lot of people that didn't do what they say they did try to sell you the ideas they used and failed. Their philosophy :"a lie is as good as the truth if you can make someone believe it!" and if it makes them money they don't care.
    There are liars and cheats out there folks so have a game plan that doesn't involve deception and maybe after a while your reputation will get you there.
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    As Brad Gosse points out in his book, Chronic Marketer, "If you suffer from a lack of focus in business you aren't hungry enough."

    Lots of people are just playing around, getting high off the fantasy of hitting it big in I.M. It's fun to "get drunk on the numbers" of how much we'll make if just 1:100 buy our product.

    But I think we develop an addiction to that flash of pleasure we get from fantasizing while reading WSOs. We identify with the person who claims to have made $10K in 3 days. It's a rush of pleasure.

    That pleasure goes away as soon as we get into the boring tasks of implementing the system. So it's easier to look for another rush by buying another WSO. And another.

    We're chasing after just one more hit of pleasure after another, as soon as the first one wears off.

    So... maybe buying WSOs is really just a form of entertainment.

    ALSO, in America, we're trained to think that we are powerless to do things ourselves. That all of the solutions to our problems come out of a box. That we must buy our success. Most TV (in fact most of the capitalistic system) is geared towards making us feel impotent, powerless, and therefore dependent on the system.

    So that just carries over to our feelings that if we buy a WSO, it will make us rich.

    Nothing will change until WE decide, inside, that we are the only person who can make ourselves successful at I.M.

    [Just as a smoker must decide that THEY want to stop smoking. Otherwise, they'll just continue buying products and complaining that "I tried the nicotine patch and IT didn't work." Or, "I went to a workshop and IT didn't work" -- always putting the responsibility for success on something that ultimately "failed" them (so it wasn't really their fault), rather than on themselves.]
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    I personally feel that people are too comfortable with the things that they are doing which leads them to not willing to do things to get themselves out of the comfort zone.
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