Stress - How do you deal with it?

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OK, as internet marketers (especially us full-time ones) stress is clearly around our lifes alot, being self-employed, having to make ends-meat etc.. etc...

I am a particullarly stressed person, I am pretty anxious and have been prone to panic attacks since I was 15 years old - but it seems stress is becoming less and less prominent in my life, due to my relaxation methods.

... So, I wanted to know how you all deal with stress, for me it's 3 things:

Meditation - Now, I used to laugh at people who told me that they meditated, but my older brother got me in to it when he noticed that my work was getting me super stressed and I have to say hands down, that this was the thing that stopped my panic attacks... When you meditate, you can kind of see the 'big-picture'.

I recommend everyone has a try.

Exercise - Weights 4 times a week, and running several times a week really helps me let go of all that stress I've been holding.

Green Tea - Now, I don't know if it's the anti-oxidants or something but it really helps me relax.

What do you do?...
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    Not sure if it is called dealing with it.
    Generally eat more when I am stressed. (Actually it is a very bad thing as I got fat)

    Meditation is said to help. Sports, taking long walks
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    Yes stress is a big problem and I also use to suffer from panic and anxiaty but that was from post traumatic stress after dengue fever....

    I use to do a lot of work for client but to be honest that is a headache and I am glad I now sacked most of the ones that are needy.

    I now concentrate my time on doing things for others, I recently cycled from John Ogroats to Lands End for charity as it gave me something to focus on and also because its a physical sport you will find that you feel better after exercise.

    Other than hitting the gym I just try and get a work/life balance and I take a lot of time out to play with toys and try and enjoy life...

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      Eagerly seek more.

      Seriously. It wasn't until I started learning from my coach and mentor that I had always been running away from stress, as apposed to hitting it head on.

      You build a barrier and over time you can handle more and more stress.

      That, and a combination of lifting weights
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        I step away from the computer and relax doing activities I enjoy (like watching marathons of my favorite T.V. shows... ahem... Homeland... ahem...), playing video games, making my kids laugh, etc.

        I exercise at least 3 times a week.

        I drink chamomile tea before going to bed.

        I take it easy on caffeine.

        I watch motivational Youtube videos (like Eric Thomas for example).

        I make sure to take care of my grunt work (like writing articles) first thing in the morning so that I'm not stressing over it later in the day.

        I take frequent breaks.

        And more... but I'm stressing out trying to think of them.
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    I do get fairly stressed, but I've managed to put things into perspective and it helps a lot.

    I saw a phrase recently that has honestly had a big impact on my outlook. "today is a gift". I think about this a lot when daily variances are getting me stressed. I think to myself, "you're alive - make the most of it". Because each day really is a gift, don't waste them stressing. As long as tomorrow comes you've won!

    I also love green tea, but just for the taste really. Any health benefits or relaxation effects are a bonus haha!
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    I feel your pain...
    Sustained stress is more than merely annoying, it eventually becomes a threat to your health, so finding ways to curb it is vital

    For me, exercise has helped greatly, I burn off pent up anxiety plus I gain more energy - it's almost like a bonus. Exercise right before bed is also an awesome sleep aid.

    Learn to let some things go - things that you have no control over, things that you have no power to fix, things that you can only fix a week from now, so worrying about today will only waste time and energy...Letting stuff go can be so liberating.

    Keep a "To-Do" list and cross each item off after it's completed. This has been key to time management and simply remembering everything I have to complete in a given day. Having control is a big stress reducer.
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    I was stressed when focusing on areas of my business that I didn't need to...

    Working in niche that I love also helps reduce any levels of stress. And having a supportive partner and daughter.

    Overwhelm and frustration are not what they once were thank goodness!

    If I am feeling it I like to go to a local cafe and work, or take the dog out or maybe even meditation...

    But it's not easy "finding the Buddha within" although he would probably say it is

    Marcus Rockey
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    I "deal" with it by massage, meditation, and escaping to the beach once a month.
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    I also used to eat as a coping mechanism, but Pop was really, really bad for me and I used to drink a 2 litre container a day of Coke. (Coke-a-Cola, not Coke, lol)

    I was addcited to the sugar and caffeine. But it's been over a year since I had pop.

    Now I workout in the gym, I go inline skating, I practice yoga.

    Another thing that changed for me is I do things when they are supposed to be done.

    I think a lot of stress comes from people procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to do important tasks. Look at all the poeple who come in here when their situations are desperate.

    Well they wouldn't be in alot of those desparate situations if they consistenly took action doing the important tasks that needed to get done. But people procrastinate and wait until everything piles up.

    and when it all piles up the stress level goes up.

    I find that getting things done reduces my stress levels, because at the end of the day everything is done. and I am then free to go and play, have fun and enjoy life.
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    Eat two meals per day instead of three. You'll be surprised
    how much better your sleep is and how less stress you

    My last meal is at 4 PM and I don't eat anything after that

    -Ray Edwards
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      I would love to learn meditation, my boyfriend wants us to try yoga When we're stressed, we drink A LOT of tea, and we stop and go for quick walks around the block to clear our mind. Also, we've pretty much cut out junk food and soda (we drink tons of coffee though when we need a boost). Does anyone have any easy, beginner tips for meditation exercises?
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    Workout, Drive fast cars etc, i just do things I enjoy in my free time and it works well
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    A good workout session of lifting weight, running and martial arts training is a great stress reliever for me.
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    Thanks to everyone for sharing.
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    Bonnie - if you can simply find some space away from your work area that is hopefully noise free, perhaps sit on the floor with your back against the wall, away from any direct sunlight, close your eyes, and just make no effort to think about anything for 10-15 minutes. You'd be surprised how hard this is for some people especially if you're use to being keyed-up all day. I find having low-key music on an ipod helps (nothing that makes you want to get up and dance!)

    If you want detailed instruction, there are countless books on beginning mediation, just search around amazon. But really - soft music, dark room, low ambient noise - perfect formula for taking a quick 15 minute vacation away from work-a-day chaos.
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    Music does it for me. I don't watch TV, although I love and watch lots movies, and I'm a home theater nut!

    Since I am massively into home theater, I have a very nice one. I will put some awesome surround sound music on, sit in a nice chair and let the music flow around me.

    I find music to be a wonderful, and instant, mood changer. If I'm getting too stressed, I will use soothing music to relax me.

    However, if it is 'bigger' than what music can do for me, then it means there is a structural problem somewhere in my life. I have to address that structural problem, otherwise the music will only be a temporary band-aid.
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    Walking meditation, read Thich Nhat Hanh's "The Long Road Turns To Joy: A Guide To Walking Meditation"

    basically you
    1. simply stand with your spine upright and your shoulders relaxed, letting your arms hang naturally by your sides.
    2. Take a couple of long, slow and deep breaths. As you exhale, let go of any unnecessary tension
    3. Lower your head until your feet come into view.
    4. coordinate your breathing with taking small steps: as you inhale, step forward with your left foot; as you exhale, step forward with your right foot.
    5. Walk this way - slowly, enjoying each step, with no thought of "getting somewhere" just remain in the here and now just let your mind stay relaxed - for ten minutes

    Later after it you no longer have to think about coordinating your feet you can add visualisations to it. For instance i imagine walking on a beach and see the sand come up around my feet as i sink into it.
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    Thanks for the tips, I will definitely look up "The Long Road Turns To Joy: A Guide To Walking Meditation". I've tried the no-thoughts thing, but I wasn't too good at it. Maybe I'll give it another shot
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      Originally Posted by bonniecolvin View Post

      Thanks for the tips, I will definitely look up "The Long Road Turns To Joy: A Guide To Walking Meditation". I've tried the no-thoughts thing, but I wasn't too good at it. Maybe I'll give it another shot
      No thoughts means no thoughts outside the current moment. Not no thoughts at all.

      You simply just focus on the movement and breathing.

      Anytime you your attention wanders you just bring it back eventually your mind learns to concentrate for the full 10 mins
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  • go out and hang around with people who are not SEO or IMer ..
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    I practice Tai Jutsu and lift weights. It's a good sistem for me because I'm a nervous person and doing this I calm down. jejeje.

    Oh! And horseback riding. Being with my horses relaxes me a lot. They help me to control my emotions. The equine is very good! in my case, I ride my horses and they return me calm and peace. .

    Have a nice day!

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    I know where your coming from. I would recommend that you figure out what is causing the stress and trying getting that part of your life sorted out.

    No matter what you do to take your mind off the stress you will always be faced with the stress because whatever is causing the stress is not out of your life.

    If it's something that can be fixed then do your best to fix it. If what is stressing you out is out of your control then you need to find ways to cope with it.

    What I recommend is going out and having so much fun that you get it off your mind.

    Talking about it to others is a good way to do it as well. Find a friend that will let you vent!
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    I go to SPA and make connection to god by praying. Really helping.
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    Exercise - 4x a week.

    Meditation - works for me as well. It's a good thing to think about many things, your plans, past - lessons learned, spiritual things... just be careful because thoughts could be hard to control, you could drift away and you wouldn't notice the time.

    Spend time and unwind with friends - super helpful for me. Clean fun!

    Read a good book
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      I usually go out for a Body massage and foot spa. Refreshing!
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    If I am really upset, angry or stressed about a situation, I won't feel better until I write a song.
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    I appreciate everyone taking the time to share, I've got some new ideas I'm gonna' try..
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    Here are a few things that will help you destress:

    1) Take some time out to watch a soothing nature program

    2) Stop watching the News/Horror movies/Dog shows or anything that has a negative theme

    3) Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day (keeping your body hydrated can do wonders to enhance your mood)

    4) Eat/drink everything raw (foods when modified even in the slightest run havoc in our system which also leads to emotional fluctuations)

    5) Go for a 30-60 min run/brisk walk or some kind of high intensity workout involving speed or strength (ideally first thing in the morning). When I mean intense, I mean "intense". Obviously start slow if you are a beginner. This alone can give you control of
    your entire day.

    6) Breathe in deep throughout the day and let your stomach be the guiding mechanism of how well you are breathing. Shallow and "chest" breathing (where the stomach becomes passive) elevates stress and even causes health issues over time.

    7) Keep your cheeks relaxed and keep a light smile on your face at all times. This might sound silly but it does wonders to enhance your mood. Your emotions tend to always follow what the body mimics.

    8) Don't keep things in your mind. Always write it down.

    9) Take an hour or a day out to go and sit quietly by yourself by a lake, a river or by the sea. Take some time to commune with nature.

    10) Have a water feature in the house or where you work that you can clearly hear the sound of the running water

    11) Avoid conflicts/arguments/differences of opinions unless absolutely necessary

    12) Get plenty of rest each night (7-8 hours minimum)

    13) Always write things down before you tackle them. Never do anything unless its written down. One of the main causes of stress is overwhelm which is a result of carrying too many "scattered thoughts and ideas".

    14) Do something nice and generous every single day. We often overlook this due to our busy schedules.

    15) Use bright white "daylight bulbs" to brighten your work area throughout the day (but obviously not at night when it's closer to bedtime)

    16) Read something positive for about an hour. I don't mean "watch a positive program", although that does help. But reading in itself has a stress reducing mechanism to it.

    17) Have faith that whatever is weighing you down is ONLY temporary. Always know that "this too shall pass" and say the words out loud if need be.

    18) Keep the house clean and sparkling. Get rid of clutter. If it's something you haven't used it in 12 months, give it to charity or throw it away.

    19) Keep your gaze at eye level or above at all times. This is a very powerful defense mechanism.

    20) Do something everyday "just for yourself".
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    When am stressed I try to take timeout by going out or visiting new places. I find it to be very relaxing and nourishing.
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      I deal with stress in a very good manner as long as i can manage but sometimes i can't manage stress specially when there's a lot of negative people around me.

      what i do is take a rest relax and do some relaxing activity like dancing, because dancing is my passion,i love doing baton twirling. Listening to a reggae and ska music that kind of music makes me happy and relax

      that's what i do
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    A week-long vacation will do, chill around and sight seeing.
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    Writing down everything that has me stressed. (Don't type it, write it down) Writing out action plans and steps to alleviate those issues.
    Writing down the things that are currently making me happy and I am thankful for. Usually this list outweighs the stress less and helps put things back in perspective.
    Getting enough sleep
    Writing down goals and daily tasks. I need to get as much out of my head as possible.
    Make sure I'm not wasting time and working efficiently. I usually feel stressed when I feel overwhelmed.
    Exercising my mind daily with personal development information and various books.
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    I will go and exercise which always helps to clear my mind and I will feel more ready to tackle the works that is in front of me,
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