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You didn't ask to be born. You just arrived. As if by accident you're alive.

You're breathing. You're conscious. You have thoughts and feelings.

You, you, yes YOU - you're a most precious gift. Your life really does have meaning. Great meaning in fact.

Within each and every single one of us is the ability to achieve greatness. The ability to achieve the extraordinary.

No matter where you think you are right now, by choice you have it within your capacity to change your life around for the better. Make no mistake about it.

Everywhere around you, everywhere you look, people want to help you. They want to help you to fulfill your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Some of you may have been knocked around a bit by life. You have the mental and emotional scars to prove it. In fact, some of you may feel life has dealt you a cruel blow. Or two or three. No matter...

You are still a wonderful individual in your own right. You are the American dream. You are just utterly fantastic belief it or not and you deserve to feel valued, loved and respected for who you are right now in this moment.

Doesn't matter that your a drug addict.

Doesn't matter that you weigh 500lbs and feel as ugly as a rattlesnakes arse.

Doesn't matter what your history is, what your failures so far are...

...or whether you've never found true love - fact is...

You are ALIVE.

You are a living breathing individual capable of so much more.

Doesn't matter your environment.

Doesn't matter that your poor.

Doesn't matter where you live or what you live in.

Doesn't matter that you've been in prison for crimes committed - you are still an incredibly valuable individual in your own right.

Recognize within yourself your own greatness, your capacity to change who and what you think you are in any one moment.

As you draw in your next breath, you can think to yourself... enough is enough - I am living and it feels good. Actually thinking about it, it feels bloody awesome.

Wow! Pinch myself...

Yes, I am alive. Wow! How amazing is that!

Despite all the odds of not being alive, you are indeed alive. For billions of miles in every direction there is nobody else quite like you. You are unique. Totally 100% unique. Original. One of a kind. Incredible!

And the sad fact is, we're not alive here on earth forever. We're only going to be around for a finite amount of time. Your time could be up in the next hour, next week, next month, next year, or you might live to be 100. Who knows?

Question is...

With the time available to you whilst you are alive, this very precious living soul, with your own thoughts and feelings - what do you want to really do, what do you truly want to achieve with your life?

Time alive is precious. When you're old one day, you'll look back and think to yourself, where did all the time go?

My goodness, life flies by so fast. Just what feels like yesterday, I was in good health, young, fit and handsome (or very beautiful), now...

...I'm all wrinkly, weathered, emotionally jaded and God forbid, old. Like a tortoise. Slow, wobbly and slightly eccentric. Egad!

Take full advantage of life whilst you can.

Life does not last forever.

Your loved ones, your family, your friends, they all want to see you happy. To see you feeling satisfied, contented, and enjoying yourself.

So be who you want to become. Love yourself enough to reward yourself with those gifts in life which are freely available to you at all times.

Love life. Love yourself. Grow in love, compassion - commit random acts of kindness.

Be crazy once in a while. Live. Breathe. Imagine. Explore. Go traveling. Meet new people. Go to new places. Try out new experiences.

All this and more is within you IF you just know how to ask for it.

Whatever you want in life is yours simply for the asking.

Give yourself permission to be who you want to be!

Only one who risks is free to be.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews
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    Enjoying life. Thanks for reminding me these things Mark. I deserve to be happy, i almost forgot.
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    • Profile picture of the author Mark Andrews
      Originally Posted by harveytrowley View Post

      ...I deserve to be happy, i almost forgot.
      Life is happy. Life is fun. If you just let it be so.

      Look around you.

      See the world around you.

      Open your eyes.

      Breathe in deeply through the nose.



      Then breathe out slowly through the mouth.

      Gently. Now repeat.

      Empty your mind of it's busyness.

      Appreciate what you perceive around you.

      Look at the detail. Slow life down.

      See the world around you for how it's meant to be viewed.

      We live amazing lives. And the world around you, you know, it's just doing it's thing.



      Snorkel and mask? Stick your head under water.

      Look! A fish. Gulping.

      Looking slightly bemused and bewildered upon seeing you.

      On the street, look over there, an old couple who must both be close to 85, still holding hands, each guiding the other down the sidewalk. Happy in their companionship.

      Behold a beautiful lady walks past, a smile on her face, the morning sun glinting through her hair. Wow!

      The grumpy old git who sits on the park bench feeding the ducks, tell him, "Good morning!" And mean it. See if he responds. You might receive a gruff reply but if you meant well the twinkle in his eye will tell truth to a good soul inside him. And just perhaps, a willingness to share a conversation next time you see him.

      The rain is falling. The sun also shining. A rainbow. Have you ever really looked and I mean really looked intently, focusing your attention 100% in to a rainbow? Try it. Enjoy the reverie.

      You happen upon a large puddle in the countryside. Don't take it for granted. It might be just a large puddle of water but look at the reflection.

      Raindrops fall upon an apple tree. Collectively together they gather. And party. Observe. The sun comes out and a 1001 baubles of rainbow colored light twinkle merrily dancing in the soft breeze. Watch one plop to the ground. Patience is needed.

      You breathe in. You breathe out.

      Keep life simple.

      You'll find your happiness soon enough.

      It's all around us in life.

      Kindest regards,

      Mark Andrews
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  • Profile picture of the author jjbalagosa
    Good stuff Mark!

    I have a theory that really good copywriters make really good personal development writers. (Probably due to the fact they are masters at evoking powerful emotions in writing.)

    Your thread here supports that theory.
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    No matter how hard life is. We should move on and lets face the challenges. We would become better in that way. Thanks for this enlightenment!
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  • Profile picture of the author muzzy4u2
    Nice post Mark,

    especially I liked:

    My goodness,life flies by so fast. Just what feels like yesterday,I was in good health,young fit and handsome or very beautiful, now...

    I ' am all wrinkly,weathered,emotionally jaded and God forbid, old like a tortoise. Slow,wobbly and slightly eccentric. Egad!

    Take full advantage of life whilst you can.

    Life does not last forever.

    Thanks for reminding.
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  • Profile picture of the author Simon Ashari
    It's only after realising that we aren't going to live forever that we truly appreciate life.

    It's important to remind ourselves every day.

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  • Profile picture of the author OmarNegron
    Awesome share! =-)

    I recently got in the habit of saying thank you when I wake up in the morning. Saying thank you for being alive and expressing how grateful I am for the things I have and the thing I will soon have!

    Great way to start the day indeed. You guys who still don't do it, try it out it will work wonders.

    - Will
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    • Profile picture of the author Mark Andrews
      Originally Posted by OmarNegron View Post

      Awesome share! =-)

      I recently got in the habit of saying thank you when I wake up in the morning. Saying thank you for being alive and expressing how grateful I am for the things I have and the thing I will soon have!

      Great way to start the day indeed. You guys who still don't do it, try it out it will work wonders.

      - Will
      Hello Will

      How very true, I do this every day too.

      You know what strikes me often? The kindness offered by other people.

      Last night for example, the 12v batteries in my motor home were running down really low since there's not been a lot of sunshine here for days, just thick fog and incessant rain.

      The 2x 80 watt solar panels on the roof hardly putting a charge into my leisure batteries. Lo and behold I strike up a conversation with an old boy who runs a local garage. We share in conversation our experiences of recent travels in Scotland, me sharing my photos on the laptop with him.

      He then asks me how do I run the laptop for so many hours every day? I point up at the solar panels on the roof but tell him how low the batteries are at the moment. Oh no bother he says, my garage, Zoar Tyres is 2 miles down the road, come on down, no charge, I'll sort you out an extension lead and you can park at the back overnight to recharge your 3x 12v leisure batteries which should help you get back up to speed.

      Wouldn't take a penny in compensation - what a lovely gentleman! How kind I thought. So here I am right now happily recharging all of my batteries, the laptop for once powered by mains electricity.

      Thank you to you too for your inspiring post. Very kind of you I thought to mention this.

      It's a jolly good point to remind ourselves every day to be appreciative of the opportunity life gives us and the people we get a chance to interact with.

      Thanks again.

      Smoking hot,

      Mark Andrews
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    Strong post, each and every word in it
    Being happy defiantly motivates,
    One can reach it by simply giving like here in the post,
    Just recently I encounter this special phrase:
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