Is Law of Attraction considered un-Trendy?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if Law of Attraction is considered un-trendy?

The reason I ask is I am thinking of doing a forum/blog for marketers who are interested in LOA. And surprisingly there is a suitable domain name freely available in .com!!!

I think by posting here I am going to blow it, so will register it right now!!!

But would like to hear comments, too old school or just coming into fashion?

Your thoughts?
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    I am not sure. However, if it actually works, then it will probably always be trendy... or perhaps it won't be a trend... it will just constantly be popular... because it works! I'm not sure if it actually works. I think I might be wealthier by now if it does. Lololol.
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  • Hi Joshi,

    It's VERY trendy! The Law of Attraction has become a huge international phenomenon. What made this concept take off was THE SECRET which was an international best-selling DVD and book. Millions and millions of copies were sold and downloaded.

    That was all based on the Law of Attraction.

    It started a massive following. You now see forums, facebook pages, etc. all devoted to this concept.

    So I would say it is trendy. And if you can find a unique angle to service this niche, I think you could do quite well out of it....
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    I don't really think its really about trends when it comes to that, People will always want something better than what they have so if you tell them the law of attraction can give you more money, a car, and a better life, Then they will want it.
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      I definitely agree with you. If people find out they can gain or benefit a lot from this "Law of Attraction" then they will be interested and would want to know more about it.

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    I think if you market it with a right angle, it is VERY Trendy. I am addicted to the LOA, I would not mind reading and following it more.
    Of course, I owe the feeling to The Secret

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    i'm not clear about the concept of LOA..what it is actually? can someone tell me?
    from my rough understanding,it is about how your mindset can decide who you will be in the it true?

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      Originally Posted by richestsecrets View Post

      i'm not clear about the concept of LOA..what it is actually? can someone tell me?
      from my rough understanding,it is about how your mindset can decide who you will be in the it true?
      LOA is attracting what you think about and dwell upon most often. It's wishful thinking in the sense that if you have an all-consuming wish, and you act and feel as if it's real more often and more powerfully than you contradict it, circumstances will arise that will give you the opportunity experience it in some form.

      To quote Mike Dooley, thoughts become things.
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    I need to re-read my LOA books, because I immediately realized after posting this that I had it completely backwards!

    My thought pattern was negative, what I should have said was "Is it too trendy!" as opposed to looking at the negative side DUH!

    Anyhow I grabbed and will develop it in a month or two after I get a WSO or two out

    And to richestsecrets yup you got right on the money!

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    Make sure the domain is actually available. Domain register sites can be funny like that.

    Perhaps you attracted the domain.

    You may as well go for it (in terms of setting the forum up).
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    it depends on what niche you want to focus on among those who know of the law of attraction .. a billion people now have some idea of what the law of attraction is .. most still are in default attraction mode.. or out right blocking what they want for some reason ..

    A lot of people still get hung up on the law of attraction as a blame the victim belief system ..and if you listen to abraham hicks .. whos work the secret was based off of pretty much.. a lot of people still are unclear ..

    i highly believe in an use the law off attraction.. but i still find myself creating a lot of lack and struggle in my life ..

    Also the method of getting the law of attraction to work has changed in the last year .. i am sorry if i am going woo woo here .. but it is no longer focus on what you really want.. think happy thoughts ..then relax and allow it ..

    It is focus on what you want .. clear your mind ..then allow for the inspired actions you need to take to bring what you want closer to you ..

    attract the action ..because what we tend to really want on a daily basis is to be inspired and excited and joyful ..

    so focus on what you want .. then ask for the inspired actions you can take to get what you want ..

    I am still a master at denying my intuition though .. i get an answer back ..and immidatly fight it ..but unlike the past my intuition keeps blasting me with ideas ..

    meh sorry for going on in your thread .. again .. if you focus on a niche market of marketer looking to get better at using the loa .. you will be able to more clearly use the loa draw your desired students ..

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    • Profile picture of the author Joe Mobley
      I don't know how trendy it is but most of the pseudosciences remain popular. It is a competitive market though.

      Pseudoscience is any belief system or methodology which tries to gain legitimacy by wearing the trappings of science, but fails to abide by the rigorous methodology and standards of evidence that demarcate true science. Although pseudoscience is designed to have the appearance of being scientific, it lacks any of the substance of science.

      Promoters of pseudoscience often adopt the vocabulary of science, describing conjectures as theories or laws, often providing evidence from observation, expert testimonials, or even developing what appear to be mathematical models of their ideas. However, in pseudoscience there is no real honest attempt to follow the scientific method, provide falsifiable predictions, or develop double blind experiments. Pseudoscientists often use the tactic of cheating the scientific method.
      By invoking the magic word "quantum", suddenly the most ridiculous, utterly impossible statements become easily accepted as true. This pops up all over the place with cranks like Deepak Chopra and his quantum healing, or Esther Hicks and her Law of Attraction.
      Here is a good article on what to look for and look out for in the fantasy world of pseudoscience.

      Pseudoscience - RationalWiki

      Here is a pretty interesting List of pseudosciences - RationalWiki.

      Joe Mobley


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    I think it's definitely in, but maybe add a new cut to it. I find a lot of LOA sites etc give you a VERY general view of LOA and sometimes it's inactionable, or there is a lack of authenticity.

    As a marketer, we know that customers want actionability. If you can add this to your LOA blog/site, then I'm on board.

    Make sure you keep us updated!

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    • Profile picture of the author heavysm
      Domain is probably available because the previous owner couldn't use LOA to their advantage for that specific project. Ironic if you think about it.

      But anyway, not un-trendy at all. I still follow and read up on tons of LOA/ success manifestation formulas. It's VERY strong right now, and I'm pretty sure it will be for some time.
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  • Profile picture of the author successproducts
    Sometimes nothing you do will attract even you "understand" everything about attraction! There is a time and a place for everything. When a student is ready the teacher will appear. Is that attraction enough for you? I feel that chasing after money is the worst possible things one can do to one's attraction self .... because it is saying pretty loud and clear that you are lacking.

    Sometimes doing nothing is the attraction stand you will need.
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  • Profile picture of the author CoachJohn
    Law of attraction will be seen as 'old news' for some people, however there are more than enough people who haven't yet come across it
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    • Profile picture of the author joefizz
      Hey Joshi!

      Greeeeeat post!

      I recently wrote an eBook on a missing link I found in my LOA efforts, which is available on Kindle. Within 2 days of it being on just went mad...

      So, I immediately wrote a full book on the experience and that is now available on Amazon (from last week ).

      So, in is in vogue and I'd like to be part of your new forum when its ready... thank you!


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  • Profile picture of the author Des Menz
    Hhhmmm ... LOA? I remember as a kid of 10 I desperately wanted to win the school athletics cup for my age group so I sat on the toilet (it's a quite spot) each night for 5 nights prior to the big day, and wished ... and wished ... and wished. Convinced myself that I'd win! Guess what? I did. Is that law of attraction?
    Wind forward 5 decades, now what do I do? Well, I've read some classics over the years - the standout being Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". And then there's Joe Vitale's "The Attractor Factor". To this day, I'm yet to be convinced that any/all of this stuff works.
    But there are a few sure things that must be done - and it's what so many people fail to do - and that's to work at it, focus, apply, persist, educate yourself. Everything that Hill said.
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    I haven't really considered it trendy yet. Still in the process of figuring things out.
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  • Profile picture of the author JeniferStarr
    The LOA is still very much in demand. I have a lot of writing requests for projects in the genre and I know many people who have had success with it. Hope you do, too!
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    • Profile picture of the author chukster
      This video from my previous thread explains the LOA
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    I guess it depends. LOA is a pretty attractive concept, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it trendy. I'm sure a lot of people are skeptical about it. Me myself, I would say that I believe in it, but I somehow can't get myself to doubt something especially if it seems out of reach. Perhaps I'm too much of a realist sometimes!
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  • Profile picture of the author Jason Abshire
    If you are like me and really want to believe in the principle of the Law of Attraction but the movie The Secret just left you with too many doubts because the documentary oversimplifies a lot of the concepts to appeal to a large audience, I strongly recommend you check out Bob Doyle's course Wealth Beyond Reason.

    He approaches the Law of Attraction from a more scientific and logical approach. It has eased many doubts that I had after watching The Secret.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mikestankowski
    The movie 'the secret' is certainly overdone and cheesy but the fact is that the law attraction works and has proven to work many times in the past. I think, in the western world at least, a lot of people need a kick in the butt to get going and the secret at least opens peoples minds up to what the law attraction is all about.

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  • The movie the secret leaves lots of questions to be answered and if you have a good understanding of how our spiritual selves and our physical world are intertwined and can explain it to others then there is a lot you can offer.

    The LOA and "The Secret" really just scratch the surface. There is so much that can be taught in addition to the LOA. There will always be a market for this kind of information.

    I have been reading "The Artists Way" and it has been greatly contributing to my spiritual growth.

    PM Me Now!

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  • Profile picture of the author successproducts
    My added 2 cents - the law will work if we actually employ the success aura - being grateful is a major contribution to any kind of success. In fact they measure it - anger and hate have very low quality score - while gratefulness has the highest quality and even surpassing love. Imagine that. So if each day we write a list of 5 things we appreciate in our lives that would go further than just "think" about success.
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