What made you persist in your IM stuff?

by iPeter
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I just remembered this scene from "The Matrix": youtube.com/watch?v=bIfzyYT1Oho

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I have a few questions for the people who make their living from IM stuff. It's not a secret that the hardest period is one's start. Before you made your first money, what had made you persist? What had driven you through that "dry" period of a few months when you didn't make a dime? What had been fondling your pleasure center? Some passion? Curiosity? Something else?
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    I would like to second this questions ... What was your drive force? Your burning fire? That kept you going and taking those steps to make things happen?
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    What kept me going was the knowledge that I was going to make it and the determination to do so. And this is genuinely what separates the winners from the losers in Internet Marketing - FOCUS!

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    Thanks for the answer, Will.

    Is another person able to pluck up courage so that he could answer the simple question: What made you persist?
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