Whats the Secret to the Law of Attraction?

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So the Law of attraction isnt working as well as it should? you are visualizing your goals, repeating affirmation after affirmation, but nothing seems to be cumming your way? You are probably just not on the right frequency!
Everything in this universe has a frequency, every emotion, every thought, even planet earth has its own frequency , 7.83 Hz to be exact! If you are not on the right frequency as your environment, it makes it a lot harder to manipulate the environment and attract things into your life! Thankfully iAttract Audio tracks have the solution! Helping you get onto the right frequency, so you can attract the things you truly want into your life! and receive the abundant power of the Law of Attraction!

So What is iAttract Audio Tracks? and why are they so special?

iAttract Audio tracks are made up of a combination of Powerfull Response Affirmations and Binaural beats , let me explain to them to you .

We have all read the self help books that teach us affirmations like " i am rich! " and " i am happy " and " i am successful " etc , which can be great techniques to reprogramming your mind to think more positively, however When we tell our selves this, our brain can tell if we are lying,
that little voice in our head goes....'yeah right! your broke ' or 'your miserable' , which can often lead to
us readers creating a negative perception of ourselves and therefor a negative mindset.
So how do you achieve a positive mindset without lying to yourself?

Positive Response Questions (PRQ's)!

PRQ's are affirmations that instead of saying random statements that the brain can choose to ignore/not believe, they ask the brain questions! this causes the brain search for answers.

here is a few examples

why am i so happy?

why am i attracting money into my life?

why am i so loved?

why am i so motivated?

iAttract Audio tapes are filled with powerful positive response questions that not only help you get what you want with very little effort ,
but can speed up the process of getting what you want, why? because they immediately make the brain change its thought patterns to attract what you want !

Binarual beats:

Binaural beats are used with headphones. Each ear receives a slightly different frequency of engineered tones in order to get a desired effect like increased creativity or relaxation. some of the most popular books on Law of Attraction have talked about 'being on the right frequency' , Everything in this universe has a frequency, and your brain is capable of producing a wide variety of frequencies depending on your mood and state of mind.

To achieve maximum results using the Law of Attraction and methods such as affirmations and visualization, you want to be on the same frequency as your environment ( 7-8 Hz ), the closer your brainwaves are to your environment's frequency , the easier it is to change the environment.

That's why in our iAttract Audio tracks we use a relaxing 7.83 Hz tone called Schumann Resonance also known as 'the Earth's heartbeat' this is the same frequency of the earth's magnetic field . ( see below )

w w w.youtube.c o m/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kz4XGltcpR8

Its important to change your brain's frequency when using affirmations and visualization because when your brain waves are slower your mind is more relaxed and your body is relaxed and less blood is needed to perform bodily functions which allows more blood to be pumped to the brain, and therefor the brain is more nourished and can focus better, helping you achieve maximum results.

Please visit w w w.iattractaudios.c o m for more information on their range of products and how they can help you achieve your dreams!

thanks for reading warriors, hope this helps
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