What is a Better Read? The 4 Hour Work Week Or The Secret

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I have read both the 4 Hour Work Week and The Secret and I want to know which book you guys think is the best one when it comes to business and personal development and becoming rich.
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    I haven't read The Secret, just seen the movie, but from what I've seen on browsing through the book, it's pretty much just the movie transcribed.

    I really enjoyed the 4 Hour Work Week, more than I liked The Secret movie. The Secret I guess is more about mindset, the 4 Hour Work Week is more practical with examples and guidelines for getting yourself set up.

    My favourite - 4 Hour Work Week, easily.
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    Neither - both are not very good, though provocative and if you
    want to write books they are worth studying because they've
    sold a lot of copies and generated buzz.

    Read "How To Get Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got" Jay Abraham
    "The 12 Factors of Business Success" Kevin Hogan, et al.
    "How To Win Friends and Influence People" Dale Carnegie
    "PsychoCybernetics" Maxell Maltz.
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    I've read both also, I prefer 4HWW. Tim Ferriss' blog is good too, with a decent balance between entertainment and information.
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    I have seen the movie the Secret. It is quite good I believe. But I am more intrigue with the 4 hour work week. I wanted to know what are the secrets behind and if it is really possible to work 4 hours a week. ( well, I am thinking literally with the 4HWW).
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    None of them is better than the other. I think it depends on the reader.
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    If you're looking for practical wisdom I'd start with "The 4 Hour Work Week".

    If you want to explore the governing laws of the universe and find deep meanings within yourself and this realm of reality "The Secret," is one place to start.
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