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So I'm starting to find success in the internet world, I made my first $5 this month. hahaha I know, not a lot but that's why I posted this thread. I wanted to see all the luxurious things that the most successful people have. I need some motivation and something to look forward to. I want the life of donating to charities, driving super cars, living in big houses, and awesome vacations. So if you would, post a picture of the most valuable toys you've got to spend your extra money on. Thanks
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    Congrats on the first sale! Unfortunately, I don't have any ferraris or mansions to post but keep trucking on because every sale you make will build you momentum which can be VERY powerful.

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    It's a good start cheynan. 2 years from now you'll be posting you're success story here in the forum and how you started.
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    Good job Cheynan! Don't worry, I first started off with fiverr and made more and more sales on fiverr. I can remember the excitement when I got my first $4!

    From then on you start to realise that all this actually IS possible and after you've proven it once to yourself, you just got to do it again and again. Until it becomes 2nd nature.

    Good Luck !
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    First of all congrats Cheynan as something is better than nothing and secondly you should choose someone as your role model and follow the path that how did he/she become successful.
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    Congrats! Sorry, but it's highly confidential, can't post pics of my super-toys, lol.

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  • wow.. congrats! You made it possible and cant post pics also.. but I know that success strikes in every person as soon as that person never give up..
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