How to Get the Very Best Out of Yourself

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The Power Within

**You have what it takes**

You have the dynamism to cause change in your environment, your nation, and (at least if you would think a little bigger) your world.

I am not blabbing. I know the last time you might have check yourself at the mirror in your bedroom, you may have seen quite the contrary- that is a poor, lonely, frustrated and hopeless YOU and nothing more.
...but I've got good news for you!
I don't really care what the study about yourself really is or whether your circumstances is kissing you too hard. The truth of life is that, the power of the mirror is only useful to the physical manifestation of things. The mirror makes no sense when it comes to figuring out things that are spiritual, unseen or within. The truth about yourself cannot be seen through a mirror.

**There is an untapped wealth inside of you**
There is a superior power within you that only need to be unleash to spark the miracle the world is waiting for.
What I am telling has nothing to do with you believing it or not; it's but the PROFOUND truth that you have no choice but to accept.

Within lies all you need.
Within lays the POWER.
Within lies the uncommon treasure that would feed our hungry-stricken world...

The world is waiting...
How long will you keep hiding in your cave?
Don't ask where the power is; just figure it out.
You will never understand the mystery of what lies within you until you try to figure it out.

Unleash Your Very Best

**Usain Bolt has taken Beijing by storm at the 2008 Olympics. Bolt electrified 90,000 fans at the Bird's Nest, striking not once but thrice with world records. First, he blew away the field in the 100m on Aug. 16, lowering his own world record to 9.69 seconds despite looking around, raising his arms out and then pounding his chest over the last few meters. Then he became the first man since Carl Lewis to sweep in the 100m and 200m at the Olympics, and he broke Michael Johnson's 12-year-old record in the process. Bolt dominated the field to clock 19.30, bettering Johnson's mark by .02. Finally, Bolt ran the third leg of Jamaica's 4x100m relay, handing off to Asafa Powell, who brought it home for an easy gold. **
After such a huge success, this man did not relent or decide to travel for a long vacation to the East or Secret Place like most people do; rather He made a shocking statement when preparing for another Event shortly after his Olympic success.
"I want to get my blood pumping again," said Usain Bolt, "and I want to do more and achieve more".

Bolt knew that the power within a man cannot be measured, evaluated, or perceived by winning Olympic medals (or setting records or gaining rewards); but rather, when you dare for more.

One of the most difficult researches in human history is this: finding a man who may have reached his/her full potential and power.
No matter what we think we have done, it's always half-way of our power.
**The world only has great men with half-fulfilled potentials. (I am sorry to say).

...but I have a dream: My dream is to one day see a world...a world where everyone would be able to recognize his/her potential and power and use it to the growth of humanity and to glorify God the giver.

The Seven Golden Words for Getting the Best Out of Yourself

**One oft-told tale about Kissinger involved a report that Winston Lord worked on for four days. After giving it to Kissinger, he got it back with the notation, "Is this the best you can do?"
Lord rewrote and polished and finally resubmitted it; back it came with the same curt question. After redrafting it one more time- and once again getting the same question from Kissinger- Lord snapped, "Damm it, Yes, it's the best I can do". To which Kissinger replied, "Fine, then I guess I'll read it this time." (KISSINGER, WALTER ISAACSON, 1992)**

It will be a great tragedy for Senator Barack Obama to say 'what else is there to achieve?' after becoming the first Black-American to win the U.S presidency.
He recognized that, life is far larger than the U.S presidency!

**A top football club in Spain was having a terrible season, so they tried to figure out what is the source of there sudden break-down.
"Could it be injury problems?" thoughts began to fly around. "Could it be that the coach has lost its touch?" "Could it be that the players are not good emough?"
They search and search. There were no injury problem(s). The coach was practically okay and hasn't really lost his touch, and also the players are good--at least it was this same crop of players that won the last season championship in a record breaking style.
"Then what could be the problem", you may ask.
When one of their key players was approached to give his opinion about the terrible situation, He did not hesitate but said, "I think we have lost our motivation...our enthusiasm; for we saw nothing else to achieve after last season great success. This is why we are suffering and paying dearly for it."**

What is truth!!!

To be sick means, not to have the spirit to pursue new things anymore; having no more dreams.

Life is better when we say 'what next can I achieve' rather down saying 'what else is there to achieve?'

What makes men like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jose Mourinho, David Beckham and so no, truly great?

Their secret is nothing but the self-question of 'Is this truly the best I can do?' becoming their watchword and motto.

You have no idea of how much power you've got inside when you learn to always look up to news matter what you have or have-not.
No matter the success, there is always a new season and also a new trophy to be won.

You must allow these seven golden words- is this the best I can do? - to become your guide and watchword..
It will inspire and it will awake the greatest giant the world has never seen

Yes; celebrate, enjoy, pat you back if you like, but the issue is never go to sleep.

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    Very well said. There is always something that you can do. You only need some motivation thus, the need to believe in yourself that you can. Most of the time, fear can bug as down but that should not hinder us from doing what we want and achieve as high as we can.
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    I love this thread it's close to my heart...I agree, we do have what it takes inside of us.

    I love to identify great potential in people and the thing is...we all have it!

    Between you and I, I made a vow to pour out all of my potential, leaving nothing inside, if I can possibly help it before I die. It is a tragedy to know that there are ... unwritten books, inventions that were not invented, schools that were not started, buildings that were not built and records that were not broken by people that passed away without pouring out...that will not be me! God's Grace!

    Firstly, understanding that you are unique and made for a have a deposit of greatness in you.
    Secondly, self knowledge and self Discovery should be on your agenda.
    Thirdly, Pouring out your talents, skills and purpose...via education, development and practice

    Get yourself around others that are also interested in realising their potential and you'll be on your way to leaving a great legacy.
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    Very nice thread.To get maximum of ourself all we need is some motivation,some confidence leaving doubt and fear a side.If u fear u will never move forward
    The true potential of human being is unlimited>first of all we need a ray of hope
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    Nice thread
    I always want to get the best out of me
    I always believe I can do anything if I set my mind to it
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Smith
    trust your self u will only be amazed by your ablities
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