[Breakthrough] Being able to Heal, really??

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[Why are you making this post on Warrior forum:confused:;because I think it might be useful info and some hardworking Warriors may get sick sometimes and may require healing:p]
Heloo Warriors

I am a member of a Mental Development forum/school
This forum/school is backed by many testimonials and praise from the on-going students

The founder of the online-school, called Ruslan, begun teaching his skills back in 2006

We are now in 2012 and the same Founder claims to have identified a way to heal..That is only one of the many abilities he claims

WHERE IS THE PROOF!!! you ask?
He has already asked all the forum students to bring him a ailing patient, who can make a brief testimonial concerning his/her ailments and must be backed with hospital documents detesting the same.. Unfortunately no one has come forth as the "guinea pig"

Even though it might not be true, the thought of being able to heal looks exciting; HIV/Cancer/Mising organs/ and More diseases can be rid..also probably all medical students and doctors shall be laid off..i guess that is bad news

Below are some of the snapshots I have taken

These are some of the Students in the Forum..very engaging and supportive forum..People who understand what they are doing The Founder is depicted in the middle

You are now free to start the Bashing I would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter because the healing phenomenon really perplexes me
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