My story the secret to living a good life.

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G'day everyone.

I am going to give you a bit of background about myself, and try in my own words explain to you on what I feel is the secret to living a good life.

Ok lets start with my child hood.

Like most people I can from a broke family, both my parents were very self indulged in their own life they did not have much time in their life's for each other or myself.

Hence they both went there separate ways, basically one side of the country from each other, and I was placed being raised by my grandparents.

But none the less i had a great child hood I was heavily active in sports, so I can't complain.

Now let's move further ahead in life, I worked a few jobs growing up, from being a bouncer at night and working as a welder in a factory during the day.
To Owning my own clothing stores to being in the military.

Whilst being a bouncer I got heavily into body building, which is something I highly suggest everyone doing I loved it.

During that part of my life I watched all my money and saved up and ended up with two houses, a new 45,000 toyota hilux and my beautiful custom 79 harley.

Then I decided that I wanted to go into business for my self, so I purchased a small clothing store, and life was great I found my self working from 9 to 12 in the morning and in the afternoons spending my time out on the golf field.

Life was good I expanded to owning 3 clothing stores & my own magazine company.

Then things started to go wrong, one of my staff members did a dodgy on me, I won't go into details about that but I started to bleed out money. (fast)

Before I new it everything was gone and more I was heavily in debit, and struggling to put food on the table.

But I stayed positive, I stopped playing golf as I could not afford the green fee's, and went back to my old faithful Gym.

Now at rock bottom ( what I thought was rock bottom) I decided I need some stability, so I could regroup, so I joined the ARMY.

Now I have some mixed emotions regarding this move, meet some great people, and was able to stay fit.

But I haved an accident in the military, which left me unable to train, which let to me being removed from a course I was doing.

Unable to train I found myself gaining way to much weight, which in turn with being placed in a holding position due to my injury's for 10mths, placed me in a state of depression. Then finding myself medically discharged due to injury's.

So once again i found my self broke, but this time overweight broken, and I started to become a bit of a recluse.

I had to do something cause I could not continue this way, one night after bit bit of a argument with my wife, I found my self angry and I decided to take it out on myself by the way of a hard training session at the GYM.

Now the next day I found myself very saw, but at the same time I felt a spark of life back in my self again.

So as a result I now find myself back at the correct weight, and back on track with a successful SEO career.

And I make sure I train in some sort of way every day, as for me being fit and healthy is my secret to living a good life.

Thanks for listening.
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    Wow, almost felt like I was reading a story about myself, less the businesses you have owned. I used to be a welder and lifting weights and martial arts were my passions but with a shoulder injury, it has set me back for quite sometime. When so many things seem to go wrong in life, it can be very difficult to keep ones head, but what I tell myself time and time again, its all gotta be up hill from here. IMO, if you are not passionate about something and cannot enjoy that certain thing you are passionate about, I don't care how much money you make, you will not feel whole within yourself.
    Thanks for the story
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    awesome story, I just posted and wrote about this very thing. We all deal with our ups and downs but training and exercise is always there and sometimes can be the only constant.
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    Exercise is a great way to shift your focus on difficult things going on in your life. It's also a great way to pump good endorphins into your body chemistry. It's almost impossible to be depressed when you are exercising regularly.
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      That is long process, congrats you make lifestyle as you want. I focus on what we want do, and decide what lifestyle as we want. Then we put it on our mind, take action and it will become true. But it take long time or short time by what with you want. And we need responsibility with every our decide.
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