How do you fight against Procrastination and Peer Pressure?

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I'm trying to stay focused and get started on a new business project but it seems that so many external things are distracting me heavily...

My friends for one are getting a highly anticipated game (Halo 4) and they're doing their best to persuade me to purchase. Naturally I say no due to being busy yet they persist.

It's hard not to give in, I'm in on this project of mine alone so it's hard to discipline myself and stay focused. But I feel that buying it will just derail and postpone my plans due to being too heavily engrossed on a stupid game, (I get addicted to games pretty easily).

So I ask, how do you stay focused on what's important when things like this get in the way? How do you keep your head strong?
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    My best advice to the 'Peer pressure' one is to prove them wrong! Most of my friends said I would never make money online! And ok, it has taken 2 years of hard work. (and a lot of wasted time jumping from product to product) But it has finally started to happen for me.
    And if you stick to a proven method, it will work for you too.
    In 2 years your friends will still be playing the latest video games, but you will have your very own, profitable online business.
    Good luck

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      I try to stick to one project at a time.

      The road in IM can be a long one until you find the success you want, so I would highly recommend having a life at the same time.

      You will be amazed how a little down time can get your creative juices flowing and your mind recharged

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    I'm a lot like you ... I'm working on my online life alone and there's always something out there that seems to be calling my name ... I'm setting little goals for myself now, like working on my online project for at least an hour a day during the week (I have a full time job that I still have to do) and at least 3 hours each day on the weekends. It's not ideal because there is always something that interrupts me but I'm doing my best to keep this schedule. I look at it like going to school, if I have a class I had to take, I would be forced to make time for it. Good luck!

    Ellie Manwiller
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      Set your own "rules"

      When you have your own rules or guidelines to go by, I have found that it is next to impossible to give into something that you don't stand for, whatever it may be

      It takes will power as well

      It's funny you bring up Halo, I used to be a Call of Duty fanatic, and that was something I gave up (easily) once I realized just how important my business is, and playing video games just came down to not being able to add value to others lives, while improving my business
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      I tell my friends the reason why I can not do what they are trying to talk me into. The ones that know me and support me usually will back off. The ones that laugh or keep trying to get me to stop working, I just remind myself that I will show them.

      When you start posting on FB about you made X amount of cash from your website and how excited you are, the people that are pressuring you into buying that game will wish they had listened to what you said right now.
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    True friends will support you. Others will laugh or try to distract you.
    As a business person, you have to do what's best for your business now so you can reap the rewards down the track.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    I'm having the same problem like you too. Everytime I sit down and work on my business there will always be something on like drinking, cards or partying. You'll just have to say no and keep focusing on the bigger picture which in this case is your success. If you have set aside time to work on your project then stick to the schedule and learn to say no to your friends and if they think less of you then maybe it's time to change friends. Real friends will understand and support what you are doing .
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    If you are truly motivated and believe in what you're doing, nothing will distract you, not your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, family and even lack of money or other activities. You just focus on what you do and think of the rewards. If you procrastinate you are delaying the rewards that you should be enjoying sooner.

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    Man I had to stop gaming years ago... Although it's fun it's the biggest time suck I ever had. As far as friends and family... Keep it to yourself. My friends still have no clue what I do... I think my neighbors think I sell drugs... And most of my family think I'm crazy even though I make many times the income they do.

    Surround yourself with like minded folks... And if you're not in those circles yet you can still do this buy reading books and getting audio/video stuff from people that you consider role models until you find yourself in those circles.

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    Well, it has something to do with focus and self-discipline. A good start to handle this problem is to write a few to-do list and make sure you follow them without procrastinating, of course don’t include gaming on the list. If you want to monitor your tasks maybe this software will help you get more things done and become productive.
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    me too games can gives you some trouble so i uninstall my games in my pc.

    im more focus now

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    I have a similar problem. I recently uninstalled all the games from my computer because I was spending too much time playing video games instead of working.

    You just need to try and create a habit of working everyday for a certain amount of time. Prioritize your work - once you complete your tasks for the day you can reward yourself with some entertainment.
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      I got rid of my television service!

      Another thing that's helped is to set a timer for a certain amount of time and then work until it goes off.

      You can then set the timer again for "play" time and when it goes off go back to work.

      There's something about these external signals like the timer which helps stay focused.
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