How to Make Yourself a Millionaire This Very Moment

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Hey you -- do you feel like a millionaire at this very moment?

Probably not.... and that's because you don't have a million bucks. =(

Poor, poor you. No million bucks in the bank, no million in stocks, real estate or assets. Bummer.

In fact, everywhere you look the universe is reflecting that fact back at you. Your ATM receipt proves it. Your bank statements prove it. The furniture in your residence proves it. Your residence it's self proves it even more! Sorry, but reality has given all the evidence to support the fact... your not a millionaire.

In the morning you wake up, you don't feel like a millionaire, you don't THINK like a millionaire, and you certainly don't ACT like a millionaire.

And you know why? Because all the evidence points to the grim reality... your not a millionaire.

Tired of not being a millionaire?

Than start feeling like a millionaire.
Millionaires, crown themselves.
They MAKE themselves into millionaires.
And that change, happens inside first.

It doesn't matter how much work you do online, how many WSO's you buy, or SEO you do.
If you think you'll need to spent 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for the next 5 years to earn your million... than as a man thinketh.
Inwardly you have to give yourself permission, and change what you see in the mirror, without moving a single hair.

Let me tell you the secret of a wealthy man: Your biggest adversary in making a million dollars is not lack of hope, desire or plan to achieve those millions. Your only true enemy is disbelief.

If you want to wake up one morning to the objective reality, of you being a millionaire, you need to impress upon yourself the image of the millionaire you want to see -- constantly, unceasingly and perpetually -- from this moment forward.

If you falter in your feelings of being a millionaire, get back on track. Make it your chief aim to feel wealthy as a millionaire for 51% or more of your vigil state.

Only then will you truly expect to see the universe reflect your self-made millionaire status back to you. The truth is, you could be a millionaire this very moment.
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