What Are Your Goals For The Next Year?

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I have read in numerous places that it isn't enough to simply have a vague idea of where you want to go, but...

...to be successful you must have clear cut short and long-term goals written down and made public.

So these are my goals for the next year:

1. I will have a $4,000/month IM and copywriting business by October 2009. By April 2010, I will have raised it to $10,000/month by raising my fees and having more products to promote.

2. I will finish a half marathon by August 2009, a 50K race by October, 10 2009, a 50-mile run by January 2010, and a 100-mile run by April 2010. I plan on training the smart and efficient way and build my mileage up gradually to decrease the risk of injury.

3. I will start medical school in August. My goal is to finish my first year on the Dean's List and understand all the I can about human anatomy, health, and disease so I can start to help people with their ailments.

Those are my BIG goals for the next year. I know that making them public with you (and the Universe), I will easily be able to accomplish them.

What are YOUR GOALS for the next year? Share them here so you, too can make them public and therefore have a reason to stop procrastinating.
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    1. Having my 2 field sales reps making 5k/month in commission by years end.
    2. Need to have ~$900 000 in revenue by years end for that.
    3. Upgrade from current car...NONE...to a Camry Hybrid by August.
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  • Our goal will stay the same: to help more people become successful in online business by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to start and grow their own Internet marketing-fueled websites.

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    To be ruler of the underworld you can be my minions, we will reign over the rest of the human race with adsense and clickbank offers MUHAHAHAHAHAHA...

    yeah..too much coffee
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    To be making 4000/month by August 1/09
    To move back to Alberta, Can by Sept 1/09
    For my wife to quit her job by 2010
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    To continue adding value to others...and increase doing so
    Set-up a property mentor site (2 months)
    My membership site racking in at least $5-6k pm -(10months)
    My niche site pulling in at least $8k pm (6months)
    Develop 6 more niche sites (2 - 6 months)
    Change my car to a black convert Bentley (8months)
    Cash in bank at least £130k (6months)
    Buy 2 more properties (within year end)
    At least 8-9 products created (by Dec '09)

    Pray for me!

    PS. and continue to be very content and happy (throughout 2009)
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    get a closer relationship with god and be tha best mother i can be and finish my A.A and tranfer to a University
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    1) Lose weight.
    2) Reach $100/day in Adsense income. Yeah right..
    3) Quit my job, and focus in IM.
    4) Earn tons of money. hehe..

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

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    Resolutions for 2010:

    After setting up the groundwork for my business model in the final weeks of 2009, this is what I plan for 2010:

    1.) Continue to scale my efforts on what I find that works - go from doing well to doing brilliantly

    2.) Once regularly and consistently banking off one method, branch out my marketing arsenal to master other areas

    3.) Say goodbye to LIVING off a J.O.B. (I wouldn't mind keeping my current job as "extra cash" - I'm an arts 'n' crafts nut working in an arts 'n' crafts store - so long as it doesn't cause me drama, but second it gives me hell I'm gone)

    4.) Pay off all debt

    5.) Take advantage of the great chance to start over and learn how to properly manage a budget

    6.) Get a really nice apartment

    7.) Get a car

    8.) Start losing weight again and resume a healthy lifestyle in general

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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  • Profile picture of the author Vendetta
    Feb 1st
    - Move away from home. I'm making 6k a month profit with link wheels and click bank offers. Weigh 145 ibs. Take up mui thai kick boxing and Ju Jitsu at local gym.
    March 1st - Quit my 1200 a month job to focus on expanding im business and my understanding of my own mind as well as the great minds of our past by reading their writings. 7k a month profit Weigh 150 ibs
    April 1st - 10k a month profit. More streamlined systems. With better employees bringing me higher quality key words and creating me higher quality websites. Everything from this point on is hands off and I run it all by making a call to my business manager. Weigh 155 ibs.
    May 1st - 13k a month profit. Increase spending in business so it expands faster. Weigh 160 ibs Muscle. Buy used STI, EVO or Audi S4 for 15-25k (get loan and pay off in 3 months)
    June 1st - 15k a month profit Continue increasing business spending and expansion. Obtain 100k business loan to Boost expansion quicker. Weigh 165 ibs.
    July 1st - 30k a month profit. Pay off car. 170ibs
    August 1st - 45k a month. Pay down 100k loan 175
    September 1st - 50k a month Pay off 100k loan 180 ibs
    October 1st - 55k a month. Buy 600k home in p.b(getting a loan)
    November 1st - 60 k a month Begin Pyramiding homes. Buying investment properties that pay for themselves. Leave 6 month cushion in bank per property. insurance/mortgage/maitnance. 2 properties this month.
    December 1st - Obtain million dollar loan for im biz. 100k a month Profit.
    Purchase 4 more investment properties in the 100-300k range.

    By end of year - My body is 40 ibs more than it was in January giving me the desired physique. My bank account is deep. My home is nice. My car is nice. My mind has been expanded philosophically exponentially. My Im Biz is a heavy hitter compared to what it was in 09 and it is ever expanding. My property investment business is just taking off allowing me to diversify where my money stays and still gives me heavy profit returns.

    I'm so happy it was easy because I laid my goals out in front of me.
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    - Develop a few of my own information products
    - Expand my knowledge of IM as best I can
    - Procrastinate less
    - Make at least $1,000/mo in residual income from IM (I envy those who are able to somehow generate 4x this or more...haha)
    - Earn a few certifications
    - Learn how to write my own PHP
    - Be the best father I can for my newborn twins.
    - etc, etc.

    I wish everyone else the best in whatever goals they may set.
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  • Profile picture of the author billiebjosey
    1. To continue to grow Grow strong in the Lord
    2, To be able to retire my new wife
    3. To help more people grow spiritually and financially
    4.To remodel our home
    5.To start paying off our debts

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  • Profile picture of the author Yahara
    Cease to do evil, do good.

    Cease to do evil, do good. Buddha
    All permanent things are transient.
    What is Mind? No matter.
    What is matter? Never Mind. ;o)
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  • Profile picture of the author rekid
    To take action consistently (everyday) on IM, college, fitness, networking and spirituality...must do at least one thing everyday for each of those
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    • Profile picture of the author swilliams09
      1. To continue my day job and to excell in it.
      2. To lose 1lb a week through diet and exercise.
      3. To quit smoking.
      4. To start a savings account, starting with 10 bucks a week and ending the year saving with 10-15% of my income monthly
      5. To pay off all of my minor debts except my car and college loans
      6. To enroll in school for advertising/marketing or graphic design. I haven't decided yet.
      7. To create my two businesses, one in internet marketing squeeze videos and make them both profitable.
      8. To spend more time with my family.

      I plan to have absolutely no social life next year while I get all my ducks in a row.

      Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.


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  • Profile picture of the author mysteryleo
    Have a business that generates 100k in revenue a year.

    It is a tough goal I'm realizing, but if I just focus, I think I can do it. Focus. Focus.
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  • Profile picture of the author cg101
    One of the big goals would be to see more success with the site projects that I am working with. Seeing success there would be a pretty decent goal to realize this year.
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  • Profile picture of the author ishan
    I have to complete studies in April. Till then, my resolution is to study hard and get good grades.After that, I will be starting a JV online.
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  • Profile picture of the author erwindegrave
    I only have 1 goal in terms of my livelihood.. I want to make my plans in place by next year..it will be such a waste if my ideas will not happen.. :-)
    Erwin de Grave
    Success Coach & Internet Marketer
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  • Profile picture of the author Detangled
    I have until June 2010 to rebuild myself a full time income ($3k/mo).. our else bad things are going to happen.
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  • Profile picture of the author robert25
    100k Till 31 DEC 2010... I am going crazy behind this goal. Though I have not set short goals still I think I will manage to achieve it.
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    • Profile picture of the author WontBeDenied
      One main goal is to create an
      effective, consistent and growing
      engine that takes me out of the
      equation as my income level grows.

      Like in the book the E-Myth!

      Great topic,
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      • Profile picture of the author Hanako
        I want in! You Attract What You Want.

        These are my goals.

        Personal Goals:
        1. Though my partner doesn't think so, I need tolose weight. [that's love! :p]. I need to lose at least 40lbs to reach my ideal weight. Any suggestions are welcome. I have asthma so please take that into consideration, hehe...
        2. Don't be too paranoid and jealous. It did get me into a lot of trouble with my partner because of this. So I REALLY need to let go of these negative traits...
        3. Just be positive. There's always a brighter side, right?
        4. Travel more. HK, KL, SG, US and all the alphabet! hehe... seriously though, I wanna travel more, both domestic and international.
        5. Be more responsive to my partner's needs. yihah!
        Financial/ Career Goals:
        1. Be excellent with marketing this SEO stuff. Slacking off days are over, time to get more serious career-wise.
        2. Start with at least US$1000 net income per month, starting January 2010, then double each month.
        3. Deposit 90% of my income in our bank account. [10% for other expenses like utility bills, and shopping!! yihah!]
        4. Start our own business.
        5. Venture into stock exchange.
        Material [Wants]:
        1. A purple car by April 2010. yes, it HAS to be purple.
        2. MacBook 13" [i had one and i sooo loved it! unfortunately it was "taken" from me, i was politicked out of it.. ]
        3. An LG Borderless 40" Flat Screen Plasma TV
        4. Buy my partner a Yellow Sanyo Xacti on her birthday on February.
        5. Buy ourselves the latest Ipod Nano
        6. A purple digital camera.
        7. A purple T-Mobile Sidekick. [obviously it's my fave color. ]
        * it's my birthday next month, I'm accepting gifts now! *ahem* hehe...

        whew! these are a lot! I do hope I can achieve it all. I have to.

        You Attract What You Want.

        Good luck to us all and cheers to a great year ahead!
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        we just don't say it, we DELIVER.
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  • Profile picture of the author marketeers
    My goal is to hit $8K a month. Almost there just got to keep working hard.

    I hope everyones goals come true for the new year.

    Good luck
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