Challenging myself to survive on my own

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What's up guys!

I was not able to visit Warrior Forum for a long while, and I came back here to tell you now my story. It's all about challenging myself to live on my own, and survive!

Here's what it all started. My dad wasn't really satisfied on the routine I have every day. He really didn't understand on how important for me to study and experiment on the internet marketing campaigns that I had, coz' he had zero knowledge about it. I really wanted him to learn about that, but he thinks that this one will not give me a long term income.

But I refuse to believe and keep going on what I am doing in the internet. I also have a long term job from a big time client, but I really can't focus on it due to some distractions from my parents, which my goals have failed month after month.

I used to sleep late between 3 AM to 5 AM, and I wake up between 9 AM to 10 AM. My dad doesn't like that kind of routine, which he wants me to wake up earlier than that. I tried to wake up early, but it really felt some headache and dizziness, due to the lack of sleep I had. As a result, I am very stressful and having anxiety.

I also diagnosed myself with BFS (Benign Fasciculation Syndrome), in which stress and anxiety are the main causes. This involves constant twitching anywhere in my body, tingling and numbness, and it may get worse when I lie down on my bed. My mom used to bring me into a doctor of internal medicine, which she refuse to believe that this one is a nerve problem, and it should be checked on a neurologist. The medicines and supplements that my doctor gave to me was useless.

So she think that I have low potassium, and we went for a laboratory test to see if she is right or wrong. But she's wrong, my potassium level is normal. My blood pressure is also normal, so it means that my problem is on the nerves. Actually, I bought B-Complex and Magnesium supplements just weeks ago, and I see constant progress for months and I keep doing it.

My dad really doesn't care about my health, as he just wants me to wake up very early. Even if I sleep early, I still struggle to wake up very early even if I had an alarm clock. But now, I have seen some improvements that I can finally wake up early, thanks to B-Complex and Magnesium that I maintained. Until now, I still have symptoms and I am fighting till it goes away.

My dad did warned me many times that if I didn't wake up early, he will force me to go out of the house. So after he told me many times, finally I got out of the house. You know why? It is because I can't take it anymore, especially on what my dad treated me. My budget was also ready, so I am confident. He doesn't care about the job I love, he doesn't care about my health, he even didn't care of the contributions I had for the family. I still love my dad, but he only just showing lack of appreciation to me. So I got his long awaited wish granted, and left.

I'm already 25 (turning 26 this January), so I'm good enough to live on my own.

Not only I left home due to the problems I had with my dad, this is also my very first opportunity to become an independent person. And also, my dad made a deal with me, that if I really wanted to go abroad (e.g., Australia, Thailand, etc.), I must survive for at least two months on my own and gained new friends.

Right now, I already made new friends. Currently, I am now living at a male dormitory which costs me around $15 a month to stay, which was not really that far away from our home. I will be paying for my own food, laundry, personal needs every single day, just to survive myself.

Speaking of daily food intake, I will be only eating cheap foods. In the morning, I will only eat 3 biscuits in a single pack, or an oatmeal. For lunch, I eat "bihon" (just search it on the internet), and it is VERY CHEAP but makes my stomach good enough to be full. And for dinner, it's either I eat banana or affordable "buy one take one" hamburgers. Laundry was also cheap, which I will be paying them per kilo of my clothes.

I know that this might hurt a little, but my focus on working with my stuff will be 100%. Because of this, I have finally achieved my daily goals in order to get paid by my big time client. Even though I still have BFS, I can now manage my time fully.

I also told my client about my situation today, and it is a sign of relief that he will be giving me more long term projects ever, as a way of helping me to survive on my own. It means that I will be saving more money than ever, than I had when I was home.

My big time client was already stable, so I won't be having much financial problems. But I may also try to apply as a call center agent, even for a low monthly salary than my client's, which can make me even more stable too. So I promised myself to work hard every single day, even on Sundays.

I won't stop till I achieve my long time dreams, and I'll make it as a reality!

The date that I moved out of our home was on November 8, 2012. So this is a challenge for me if I can survive. If others can survive on their own, why can't I? It's all about believing myself and to have a positive attitude.

Wish me luck guys! This one is a new chapter of my life as an individual and as a true Warrior!


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    I've read similar situation about you, all you can do is to do your best and prove to your parents that its worth it.
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      My parents didn't support me getting a philosophy degree in university, so I created my business so I could do it. I lost a ton of money initially then made it back ten fold after the first year.

      It can be as hard as you can imagine doing it on your own. I'm in university paying for my own housing and tuition (its A LOT) but I'm doing it. You're going to have to push yourself byond your limits and at times you may not even know what to do. In those times just sit and self reflect. It's an up hill journey but its entirely worth it.
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    Welcome back Jeff. Challenging myself is my day-to-day task, and that's the reason why i survive.
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      I know how you feel. Lol
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    Life can be tough alone, especially when you need to prove something to someone. But never give up, all these shall come to pass. Remain steadfast in your vision, stay focus, and dream BIG. Who knows? In the next couple of months, you'll be posting your success story here.

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    Good luck, and well done for working so hard to become independent!

    Let's make some awesomeness happen!
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    Give yourself a pat on the pack.

    I truly hope this works out for you. I admire individuals to try to be independent and make something of themselves.

    I also know of parental pressure, and what parents expect of you. I still to this day get told to find a "normal job" than work on my business.

    All of their doubt should just contribute to your desire to keep succeeding and growing.

    Don't Forget To Give Thanks to Those That Have Helped You!

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    I think that it is possible for you to succeed! I wish you good luck with your endeavors! Never give up!
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    You can do it man. I am going through worser situation than yours right now. I think each one will have their own problems but in a different way. So as some one said, I do not know who it was, Always think about your desires in life rather than the ones that you fear.
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    Its not easy but you can do that. I experienced that situation 4 years ago. I'm still working hard to achieve my new goals but I have my own freedom. Good luck!!!
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    This too shall pass. I feel for you and hope things really look up for you. keep your chin up and stride on.
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    Good luck man! Keep on moving up! Kaya mo yan!
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