What are you grateful for today ?

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Am not sure how i landed on this forum but every time i log in am happy, to having found it.
I might not know many of you guys physically but i feel you the best friends everyone needs.

Today - Thanks to warriorforum plus all members
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    Nice man, damn right. A gratitude log is a powerful thing, I forget the name of the company, but there's a big business owner in Canada that makes his employees write one out, every day I think. It's obviously not the only reason why, but people are climbing over each other to get jobs there.

    I've seen some of his speeches on youtube, I'm sure somebody here knows who I'm talking about.
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      There is a wonderful little journal available online called Penzu...you can have use of one for free and for (I think) about $20 you can have more than one. I use mine as a Gratitude Journal.

      So many things to be grateful for, and the interesting thing is by listing what you are grateful for (or another way to say it is giving thanks) you set into motion the Laws of Attraction. (as in "The Secret"). There is a wonderful website that you might wish to check out: http://thesecret.tv/ It has stories and articles that are inspiring. We can all do with some of that!

      Energy flows where thought goes.

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        I'm spending the winter in Chapala, Mexico and this is a good place to be consciously grateful. When you see so many of the people living in deep poverty, it makes me very grateful for all of my blessings.

        I believe a sense of gratitude helps keep us in a positive frame of mind and helps open the good things that can flow to us. I'm not a "rich gringo" but compared to most of the people here, I've been incredibly blessed. This is a nice thread and the best to all of you.

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    I am thankful for waking up another day, my family, a roof over my head and my abilities to help more people in the world.
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    First of all thanks for posting this question. Then let me say I'm thankful that God looked down on me and woke me and my family up this morning and up till now he's protected and kept us all day long. So many things...you know the stuff we take for granted, like blinking our eyes, the ability to taste, feel...man soo many things. God is certainly good, I'd wager that he's the best.

    Thanks again,

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    I'm thankful that the typhoon here in our country is over and the weather is now back to normal.
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  • I'm thankful that I have a great job, my family and I are happy, healthy, safe, and together for the holidays in our new home.
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    I'm grateful that I've started making money in my business. Gratitude is a powerful thing. Each night before I go to bed I write down five things I'm grateful for that day. That makes me go around each day with an "attitude of gratitude" thinking about what I'm going to write on my list
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    I am grateful to be alive. I am particularly grateful for the place where I work (I'm a writer and consultant). I love the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. It's filled with trees and enchanting flowers-
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    I have found a new home and it's really very comfortable and far more better than the previous one. This is why I am very much grateful to God.
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    As others have stated, I am grateful for my health and happiness and many other blessings.

    From a business and marketing perspective, I discovered yesterday that I have a challenger for a title I have earned in a marketing program I am part of and I am grateful for this knowledge because it has shaken me up and prompted me to step up my game!


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    I am grateful for my parents, who went out of their way to help me in a very large way this past year.
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    Thanks for an another day to spend life.
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      I'm grateful for the health of my family and each day I get to spend with them! If we've got our health - really what do we have to complain about?

      I was reminded just recently that we are here for such a short time.

      It's easy to say it and easier to forget to do it - but appreciate the people who appreciate you and today try to reach out to someone who doesn't have someone to appreciate them.
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    I have got my salary today. I am very much grateful to God for helping me getting the job.
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      I am greatful for the fact that I at last recognice that I have all the tools I need to make my business great. So today its all about focus and one step on the time.
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    I am grateful for having some many opportunities for doing what I love and make money doing it

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    So wonderful question Agababryn!! It makes me really think and the answers makes me feel a big warmth around my hearth :-)! Firstly I am grateful to my parents who gave me opportunity to live this life, to experience and learn from this world. I am so grateful for my beautiful wife! She is so caring and she has so big heart! I am grateful for many people I met in my life but recently I am grateful to Warrior Forum also! Via this forum I met my mentor who showed me the way through the vastness of the internet. With his guidance and knowledge I learned how to make living from it and my life changed dramatically! If not for him I would be lost forever! Thank you my friend and also thank you Warrior Forum :-)!!!

    At the end I am grateful for all people I will met for the rest of my life!

    To all Warriors I wish great and prosperous life :-)!!!

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful feeling

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    Today I am grateful for my health, my family's health and for our business. I am always thankful for many things (roof, food, friends), but those are my main things today!

    Think about this - If today, you were only allowed to have the things that you were thankful for yesterday (via prayer or thought), what would you have?

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    Today I am grateful for the means to take advantage of a tremendous business opportunity.
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