Starting from Zero- Nowhere To Go but Up

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I recently got myself into a bit of financial trouble, it’s a bit of a long story but basically the combination of working a low paying job, clients dragging their heels to pay me, my bank account not updating my balance in real time and thinking I had the money to pay a bill (when I didn’t) have overdrawn my account and left myself with a negative balance (-$8.04 exactly) accidentally. I only now have the money in my wallet to live off of for around 4-5 days. (Around $20 or so)

An emergency call to my parents yesterday left me with a brick wall since they have their own bills to pay and won’t be able to pay me until sometime next week. At first I told myself to ride it out till payday as a valuable lesson to get serious about really getting my business off the ground so I won’t have to rely on an employer pay period to come to be able to have money in the bank. I’d rather rely on myself to have the money I should to be financially independent so crap like this never occurs because worrying about money woes is one of the biggest wastes of mental energy and your mind should be put to use for higher, more important things. (That’s for another thread though) But then I thought of the weekend approaching and looked in the cupboards.

Paychecks are issued on 15th but that falls on a Saturday so it’s more likely Monday or Tuesday .. The most I can stretch $20 in NYC is Sat at the most (and that’s being insanely frugal, skipping meals, etc…)

I can think of decisive ways to make return my bank account to normalcy without doing something stupid or desperate. I’m coming up with ways that have worked in the past and developed a list after searching through What to Do If You’re Desperate thread and am being grateful it's not any worse.

When I have my finances restored, I have promised myself to get my online projects and business in-order and take it seriously. I will never let this happen again and vow to always have the money I need in the bank from my own entrepreneurial efforts since I'm considering this the turning point for a better bank account. I wouldn’t wish financial stress on my worst enemy since it clouds your thinking and limits your ability to think clearly of how to get out of that situation and prevent it from happening in the future. What you focus on expands- you can't make money coming from a negative place.

BTW, for all those who will tell me to get a real job. I’ve been applying to positions for a little less than a year now. You’d think a college degree and a decent resume would get you past the 1st or 2nd round of interviews but it seems many employers have jumped on the internship with no benefits bandwagon. (that's also for another thread)

As they say when you hit bottom you have nowhere to go but up that's, which is the direction I'm focusing on right now.
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      Been there done it. I lost everything in 2009; houses ,cars etc etc. I'm an experienced engineer/construction manger who made well over 6 figures (25 years) but recessions don't discriminate.

      My wife and I traveled the USA for a year looking for work in my pick-up loaded with all we owned (including 2 dogs). Bottom line no work, but as I'm Canadian (my wife is American) we took the road north and now I'm successfully employed again.

      Lesson learned; don't count on somebody else for a pay check. I've been involved in the internet now for more than 2 years. Studied more than action, but now fortunate enough to have the means to take massive action and build my internet businesses and leave the J.O.B.

      Like you said; there's no place to go but up. You can do it. Good luck and God bless.

      Stewart (alias lbts4555)
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    Tough spot, but you're doing the right things. Six months after leaving my job (four years ago), my bank account hit the red. Was REALLY hard to stay focused but I did. Six months after THAT, I was making over $4k a month and the next year was my first $100k year since the corporate world.

    Never give up.

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    Ehanson, you are and will be okay, just it takes some time to sort things out. I read that it is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Good luck to you!
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    There is power in hitting rock bottom, it takes the fear out of trying new things. I encourage you to step boldly in the direction that seems to be calling you.
    We are all engineered for success, although life sometimes program us for failure, we need to keep in mind that our natural inclination is toward success. I wish you best of luck, just keep going and the way will be made clear for you...
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    One of the oldest self help books I have is The Lazy Man's Way To Riches by Joe Karbo. His story was that he was deep in debt and he felt less pressure as he really felt he had nothing to lose by really going for it.
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      Damn, obviously, that SUCKS. What others have already stated is true though. Your back is now against the wall and it's time to see what you can do with the feelings you have, and the LITERAL hunger that most of us won't have to feel.

      Use it to rise above. As we've seen in the past, those with the most adversities when determined can turn that into a furious, unrelenting drive. You will make it, you don't have any choice. You can do it.

      Justin Popovic had an AWESOME blog post the other day about the power of having your back against the wall.

      Check it out HERE.
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    It seems that a lot of people who become really successful were at rock bottom first.

    Look at it this way: being at rock bottom makes you super-focused on becoming successful. It makes you more motivated might be the case for someone who doesn't have as big a reason for pushing forward.

    Good luck!
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    This is the spirit. I have seen that, people who usually start from 0, they can be able to put huge amount of zeroes in the right side of any amount.
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    I remember when I had 145$ in my account. My life insurance policy is 150$ per month. I completely forgot about it, since I don't get notifications about it. The same day I spent all the money less those $145 on paying all of my bills. My next check was not due for another week. Gosh how I love those insufficient fund charges. I was literally looking at my bank account, as 35$ kept getting withdrawn daily for a whole 9 days until I got my check and it cleared.

    Very stupid of me, but stuff happens. I got out of it, and don't worry you will as well.
    I constantly got told by my family to get a normal job, which was thankfully not hard for me because I know a lot of people that could help me. Yet I did not want to do it because it would get me comfortable, as well as tired from the day job. I was literally eating at my parents house anytime I could, and just buying potatoes constantly just to fill my stomach. Thankfully those days are past me!

    Don't Forget To Give Thanks to Those That Have Helped You!

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    I really appreciate it. Best of luck. No matter whether you are starting with zero or another else, your farm determination will make things possible.
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    Nice. Keeping a positive attitude will serve you well!
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    It looks like you write well. If you are near a college, you could put up flyers for paper editing or writing help. Also, if you put a signature on this site, even if it was for a lot less than your writing is worth, ie 500 words for 4.00, you should be able to get some clients. Granted, this could just be a temporary, bandaid solution, but should at least help with some of your expenses.

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    Hi Ehanson and the rest of you,

    It reminded me the day my husband and I had landed in New Delhi with less than $100. It's been six years and life indeed has come back on track. But the memories will last till we are in this world.....Do whatever it takes but get out of this hardship. We all deserve to live a happy life. My best wishes to you.
    You are brave...don't lose faith...Amen
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