What Keeps You Going?

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I get it we all want money. But I personally think that everyone that ventures into the internet to seek money also wants something else. In fact you must want something more than money in order to be motivated enough to struggle with internet marketing.

So why internet marketing and the internet business world?

I personally grew up on cyber space and I love everything internet business related. I'm not saying I don't like physical businesses but the internet is such an interesting business landscape.

As to what keeps me going, I really want to make something out of nothing. Someday I want to have a company that I can proudly say was created by me. It does not have to be original but knowing I made it successful and I was the creator truly interests me.

So What Exactly Keeps YOU going?
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    Its my family, their well being, peace of mind and not worrying too much about whats happening around me that keeps me going. Personally, I feel IM business is fun and just about provides me with these things.
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    I see your goals in life keeps you going, same here, my goals keeps me going.
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    The reason I ended up pursuing the world of internet business is my will to be able to make a living without any constraints on my physical location. I want to be able to relocate every now and then without needing to start over.
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    What exactly keeps me going is my daughter, and really me never being the quitting type unless i see that something's not for me.. Qutting is for wimps.

    It just doesn't fit in my mind how people can quit on their dreams yet do some lame 9-5 job for someone else.. Maybe i'm crazy?
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    One thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that it's easier to walk when you are running, but it's difficult to run when you're walking. I'd sooner be running and have the knowledge that I'll be able to slow down and walk sometime, than to be walking and suddenly have to pick up speed to run...

    The other thing is the relationships that I have built. Hanging around the right people is a catalyst to working harder that you can never really stop from. I remember thinking about how great Warren Buffet is, but he wouldn't be where he is without his team. I got to know some key people, and then just interacting with them doesn't allow me to slack off and slow down.
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    Craving success, perfect happiness and prosperity keeps me going!
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    In terms of internet marketing, the determination to be successful. I'm pretty internally motivated. It's a matter of personal satisfaction from having set big goals and achieving them.
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    1. Family
    2. Interest
    3. Good money
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    I too kind of grew up on the internet, even though I discovered internet marketing and especially SEO in my late teenage years. As for what keeps me still active in this branch, I think it's one of the most interesting online domains you can work in. SEO isn't something you learn in college, it's a life experience, it has to do with algorithm that constantly change. My job is to do experiments, test these algorithms and adjust to them. Every day something new shows up.
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    1. Money
    2. Lifestyle

    It goes without saying that my family is in the mix, they are the ones that need the money and they are part of my lifestyle. ;-)
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    i want to have the freedom of not having to get up early to go to a stupid job and meet folks who can ruin you day and I also want the money to help make a difference in society and the world at large by giving a portion of it away.

    We are blessed to be a blessing!!!

    I help young adults who are struggling physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and relationally to take steps today to see results in a matter of weeks without having to go through the pain of buying thousands of books, courses and counseling sessions.


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    To be honest the love of marketing and home business keeps me in the game! Also you if you do it RIGHT you can have an income that most people only dream about. I have been blessed so I bless others. No better feeling in the world!
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    Having happy, healthy family and friends.
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