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Corey Taylor at Oxford University - Part 2 - YouTube!

Check out this great inspirational video by Corey Taylor...The Lead singer for SLIPKNOT! I would have never thought he looked like that, or was wise like that .
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    Super Cool, great video. I love music and i'm a great fan of Rock music as well as music from Slipknot. I honestly never expected that lead vocals Corey Taylor could have made such a great inspirational video. Rock and Rule.
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    Totally enjoyed the video bro! Corey is a very smart man and not a bad vocalist either
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    Sometimes being naive is a great asset. The business I started and am successful at would have been a failure had I listened to the other 'experts' that told me it couldn't be done.
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    So inspirational, specially when it comes to music !
    I feel so touched by his words.
    Thank you for shearing !

    Nat Niszakov

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    As long as you are still breathing, you can't limit yourself. There's always ways to survive and achieve your goals. It takes determination and strong will.
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    Yeah, I like this inspirational video. After watching it, I realized that I need to do whatever it takes and should not limit myself. I love writing , business,and teaching so I should push and push myself* beyond my capacity. I learned that it is not your “BEST” that counts most but your “EFFORT” to learn and do what you want.
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