Having goals can literally make you live longer!

by Broyde
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Check this out...in homes for the aged, it is found that people's death rates go up after holidays. The reason for this is that the elderly who live in these homes tend to make it a goal to live for one more birthday, or one more thanksgiving, or one more christmas.

After the goal has been accomplished we relax and begin dying again. Which ultimately means that to stay alive we will have to set another goal.:p
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    LOL, Funny but i guess that the more goals you have the more longer you live. It makes sense though.
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    Interesting statistic..

    I personally have 6 major goals in finance, relationship and health that work on a daily basis.

    Once i'm done with one i just write down another goal..


    Gary Ning Lo
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    Interesting. I want to live for at least 1,000 years. That may or may not be possible, eventually. (sens.org)
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    That makes sense and has made me think. One goal most of us forget about is our health and maybe each one of us should place that in the top 3 goals for 2013, right?
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  • Interesting concept. However, it makes sense. I guess the major lesson here is to keep on setting bigger and bigger goals to create longevity.
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    Yep, I think so. Destination creates the enthusiasm of living.
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    It's hard for me to imagine not having goals. I am always trying to learn something new, tackle a new IM project, and work on nutrition and fitness. That's for starters. It's all part of growing and evolving. But I guess there are people who just sort of deal with whatever comes their way and don't have goals.
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    Its all in your mind....You can live longer!
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      I believe you are right ! There also people who die just after they have stopped working at 65 ! Then the goal of working is gone and some can fall in a black hole. I know of an old man who is a hairdresser and has a salon. He literally says if I stop working I'll die.

      On the other hand my father stoppped working this year at 65 and he is more busy doing stuff now in his free time. Helping out, fixing relatives houses, repairing engines. Still he has goals, only different ones !
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    yes maybe because when they stop, the stop doing they're routine and get bored than get sick than die. way too right and makes sense.
    set a goal, achieve it than set a bigger goal on and on is the way to keep you alive, lol

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  • I like this approach. I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.

    I can see why "resetting goals" as soon as the last one is accomplished is the ticket to greater longevity.

    Good post!

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