What Do You All Learn From Failure?

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When something doesn't quite go to plan with one of your money making strategies, what do you take from the experience? How does it affect your future strategies?
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    At very first it feel like disappointment and disheart feelings... On the other hand you just strikethrough one strategy from your list and start finding others.... This is the way to proceed in life It the same like when you lost a job you start looking for a new job.
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    i think of failure as a test....find out what strategy works and what doesn't. no need to scrap the whole project, you can go back and always revise your plan. you can always learn something from an unfavorable situation.

    as abbe77 put it, think of a similar situation in real life. say you didn't get that job you wanted. what could you have done to present yourself better? how can you improve the next time around? could it also be a blessing in disguise?

    when one door closes, another door opens. failure is ok...just make sure you learn from your disappointments.
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    I was just thinking about failure last night as I was in bed. I'm just an up and coming IM so I haven't really seen any monetary success and I'm starting to understand all the sentiments of the Mind Warriors about "never giving up" and "mindset over everything".

    Last night was the first time I thought to myself "maybe I can't reach my goal of a stable 6-figure income". As I entertained this thought, I began to realize that FAILURE is the END.

    To fail means that you gave up and won't try again. That's the conclusion I came to last night: Failure means you gave up and won't try again. As long as I keep trying, I will sooner or later reach my goal of a stable 6-figure income. As long as I keep trying I will not fail.

    Because failure is the end. Everything else that happens is just another necessary obstacle that separates the quitters from the winners.
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    The greatest hitter of all time is said to be Ted Williams. His career batting average was .344. Most baseball players do not hit .300 for the careers. That means the FAIL to get on base 7 out of 10 times.

    Apply the same numbers to Internet marketing and you should feel good about failing. As long as you are succeeding 3 out of 10 times you are probably moving business forward.

    Failing is not bad. Never getting up to bat is or quitting altogether is.
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    It is OK to fail and fall down. This happens to everyone who is very successful. The best thing you can do is to learn something from each setback and then move on. Take a lesson so to speak.

    There is a quote that I like a lot and it makes so much sense.

    For every adversity, there is an equal or greater opportunity.
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    I was thinking about that the other day as I was cleaning out my desk and ran across a couple of binders of ebooks I had printed when I first got started in IM years ago. I thought it was funny that most of what people were saying then is still being said today. The basics of building a profitable online business haven't changed, but the technology has. I realized that all of the things that I tried and didn't work had taught me something, even if it was just the definition of a new term (SEO anyone?)
    If you take those lessons learned and keep trying eventually you will be successful becuase you have learned what works for you personally and what doesn't. Everyone is different and the wonder of IM is that everyone can be successful if they are willing to work and learn and never give up!

    Never give up!

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    Whether or not a strategy fails I always look back on it to see what went right what went wrong and what needs improvement or what just needs to go. A mentor of mine once told me, "Plan, Do, Review, and Adjust"
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    If you fail, see what went wrong, fix it, then work even harder to achieve success!
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    Originally Posted by DanWestern View Post

    When something doesn't quite go to plan with one of your money making strategies, what do you take from the experience? How does it affect your future strategies?
    Before I start on any strategy, I try to have a very clear idea of how I expect things to go. Not just the end result, but t each step in the process.

    If things don't go that way, I look for the spot where things jumped the tracks and try to figure out why things happened as they did. With that in mind, I'll try again, only this time I'll do something differently at the previous deviation point and see what happens. If things are back on track, great. If not, repeat the process.

    I find I learn more by looking at the actual spot in the process where things went off-plan than by simply saying "well, that strategy didn't work, so I'll try something else."
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      I enjoy using the guess and check strategy. You know won't know unless you try. For me, it can be a little disheartening at first.Then you cancel out what didn't work and try other possibilities.
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      When most people describe "failures", I usually think that it doesn't sound like an actual failure to me. But maybe that's where your perception comes in. This isn't some positive spin I try to put on things, I just don't see experiments that didn't work out as failures. There's usually a reason I can cite as to why it didn't work out.

      When someone says something was a total failure, I picture them losing a few hundred grand and being dead broke. If it's within your risk tolerance (which all my investments are), I just consider it a bump in the road.

      I briefly read that other thread where someone was in despair over not making money within 30 days online. Maybe they view themselves as failures, but to me that's just the way it works.
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    Failure or problems you encounter are how we learn lessons. Analyse the problem and find a solution.
    Remember failure becomes permanent when you give up and don't keep going.
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    Great topic.

    Failure in sense seems to happen in many different ways.

    I'm a racquetball coach and I coach kids and up. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching kids is because they learn how to lose. In life, you just can't win it all. You fail at things and learning how to deal with failure at a young age helps learn how to deal with defeat. At tournaments being kids they lose before they win. Losing/failure is a tough pill to swallow. It's not a good feeling. But when you want something bad enough you get better and you get stronger.

    I've failed at a number of network marketing companies over my 15 years in the industry.

    Through each one there was some learning to be had from each.

    Now in my most recent network marketing company all those failures are coming together to help me reach my goals. My success rate of referring people to the business has never been as quick or as simple. All those failure are coming together to help me grow.


    Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    From failure, I learn what NOT to do. I try to evolve my future strategies from this.
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    I have learned that the more i fail the more i learn.

    It's part of the so called learning process that most of us has experienced.
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    You have to embrace failure to be successful. All failure means is that you are one step closer to success. If you find something that does not work, you are just closer to finding what does work. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from moving forward.
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    Well basically all people have experienced losing their own business. Setting up a new business is a trial and error. With the experienced they have it help them to figure out what works and what doesn't works. You just need to be open for changes because in business innovation and marketing is the main core of your business which needs to be change from time to time.
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    I learn that whatever I've tried isn't the right solution, so try something else. It's great feedback!
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    Keep failing better until you reach a point that you become successful.
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    Failure teaches us how to success further.
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    From failure I learn to start over and avoiding all mistakes I have done
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    The mistakes which play a vital role for the failure can be learnt.
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    I've learned that failure is essential.

    With failures we learn, we gain experience thus it makes us more wiser.
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