Creating a Flood of Positive Thoughts to Move You in the Direction of Your Wealth

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This post is inspired by one of the practices outlined in Jerry and Esther Hicks' book titled - Ask and It is Given - Learning to Manifest Your Desires.

I picked up this book about a year ago when I realized I was doing all of the right activities in my business but was not getting the results that I wanted. When I dug a little deeper, I realized that I spent so much time complaining to myself and the thoughts would get worse and worse.

Complaining to yourself may not seem like the worst thing in the World but what it did was colored so many of my relationships. Even though I tried to have a great relationship with my life, with the people at work, I was silently complaining all the time.

I began to resent people in my life and the things in my life for no reason.

Further, because I had so many complaints and so much resistance, I was unable to progress further in my business.

I started putting into place the practices in Ask and It is Given and I found that the complaining voice in my head starting silencing itself and, even better, it began to get replaced with positive thoughts of appreciation and love.

Now, any self-help specialist or coach is going to tell you thing positively and to have great thoughts. That is helpful to some extent. However, what they do not tell you is how to do it and that it takes practice to have positive thoughts over time.

How did this book impact my business?

My revenue quadrupled in 2012 and I realize that I still had a lot of the complaints in my head that I had before. Now, I virtually never complain to myself and I expect that my business will increase tenfold or more in 2013. Further, I will have more peaceful relationships and will enjoy the time at my day job a lot more.

The Book of Positive Things

One of the practices outlined in the book is The Book of Positive Things. The book proposes that the reader purchase a book that is pleasant to work with and start to identify topics and people in their life and only writing about the positive aspects of these people. The purpose of this exercise is to raise your vibration and to start the flow of positive thoughts in every aspect of your life.

You may be saying to yourself - I can do this but what if I do not only have positive thoughts about a particular person or a particular thing.

In that case, what do I do?

You have two choices -
1. You can start with another aspect of your life or another person where the thoughts are predominantly positive. Doing that will get the ball rolling in the correct direction.
2. Work with any subject and come up with one positive thing about that subject - You do not have to only have the positive thoughts about the topics where you focus. If you can come up with one, then you can move in the correct direction.

I have implemented the book of positive thoughts before in my life and I found that my personal complaining and the complaining to myself greatly diminished. In fact, it almost went away.

Now, I have a newborn child in addition to a three year old. I was so nervous during the period leading up to the birth of my child. I feared that I would have no free time for myself and I would not get enough sleep. Meanwhile, prior to my son being born I was getting enough sleep. However, I was not enjoying the experience.

Why is this?

The energy that gets zapped out of my body when I complain to myself is much more damaging and tiring than the energy required not to sleep.

It is as simple as that.

Here is what I suggest and what Jerry and Esther Hicks suggest -

1. Get Yourself an Nice Notebook
2. Start on page one and write about the positive attributes and thoughts of the things in your life.

By the way, this is a very simplified version of what is in the book. You really should pick up an actual copy of - Ask and It is Given.

How Is This Gong to Make More Money?

For me, it is as simple as - Think Better, Make Better Decisions (with your time) and then Make More Money. Making money is the result of doing the right activities to make that money. The trick is to get yourself to do those activities and to continue to do them over and over and better and better. Each money-making vehicle that you are involved with should have a roadmap for success.
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  • I agree, Justin!

    Abraham-Hicks is the bomb! They have a lot of amazing and practical concepts that definitely made the BIG difference in my life in terms of financial success.

    Looking forward to connect with you, fellow Aber.

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      I love Esther and (the late) Jerry Hicks, and have found all their books to be very helpful. They have written through Hay House publishing, which was started by Louise Hay, and she is the grande dame of that world.

      She has a great video online I used in my blog post that I've found very helpful. Let's say you've tried affirmations, and you're just not getting anywhere. Here's what Louise says:

      Imagine the feeling you have when your goal has been reached or your problem has been solved. What will you do? What will you feel like? How will you embrace the day, knowing that you've accomplished what you wanted?

      Take the EMOTION and ride it. Let it wash over you. Emotion is the driver for your actions, consciously and subconsciously.

      If they could bottle this and sell it in a pill, people would pay big money for this. Yet everybody can do this right now.
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    I completely agree with it. By the way, thanks for the share.
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