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As a person who has major goals and wants to accomplish so much and do so very quickly, I have learned that my greatest chance of success comes when I just focus on getting a little bit better every single day. If I continue to do this for a long period of time, I will be unrecognizable to myself in 90 days and will be a completely different person after a year.

Here are the practices that I have put in the place in the last 90 days that have made all of the difference in the World.

Focus on Breathing when facing a challenging situation - Whenever I get into a stressful situation, usually caused by a person pushing my buttons, I just focus on my breathing and do not react for at least 10 seconds. This has allowed me to gain back hours of day of productivity.

Why is that? Well, if I go down the rabbit whole of getting stressed and upset, then I am not productive and my energy is focused on the negative event as opposed to the positive things that I should be working on.

The Beatles - Getting Better -

Read and Implement What I Read - I have been an avid reader for a long time. However, the information that I read would go into my head and stay there. Now, I focus on reading a little bit less, but I focus on implementing what I just learned and implementing it very quickly.

I read the book - Ask and It is Given, by Jerry and Esther Hicks. At the back of the book, there are specific practices to implement. Now, as opposed to reading the stories and moving onto the next lesson, I implement the next day. Sometimes, I do not like to keep the implementation going, but I will try everything at least once.

Find Ways to Give and Give and Give - I seek out opportunities to give gifts and to be courteous to the people in my life. If I get a chance to do something for somebody else, then I seize that opportunity. I got the idea that I wanted to take my father in law to a basketball game tomorrow night. I could not find the tickets for tomorrow night. However, I did find tickets for 10 days from now and seized the opportunity to purchase those tickets instead of the other tickets.
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    Great post Justin,being just a little bit better today, will grow into so much by the end of the year.

    'Make it so today, is not like yesterday & tomorrow will be different forever!"
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      Great post!

      So much wasted time can come from bad energy!

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    Ahhhh, the Beatles. They never get old. Thanks for this post!
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      Great post. Stay consistent, and grow each day.

      Remember.. Rome wasn't built in a day, either was your business.
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    • Capeta -

      Not sure if you read the post or not but your comments don't give any evidence that you read the post.

      Just a little tip - When you comment, give some value that adds to the conversation.

      That will be very important in building a great reputation around here.

      Originally Posted by capeta View Post

      Grate use full info...

      From Now, I will focus implementing what I just learned.
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    Great post, Justin.

    I would add one thing and that is, when people think about "getting better every day" - what does that mean in real life? How does one quantify and measure improvement?

    One way to see progress is to create a new positive habit (like not procrastinating, etc.). It takes a little over a month of daily practice to create a habit. Every positive habit you create automates one more aspect of success (how cool is that?) and in the process, you improve yourself.

    Creating a habit also takes the pressure off to "get better every day." Yes, challenges are great but realistically most people, myself included, won't stick with them especially if they have to hunt for ways to accomplish something as unspecific as getting better every day. Getting better at what? There's way too much room for improvement (speaking personally). What do I choose?

    But give me a specific goal, like creating the habit of journaling, and I can stick with it. I think most of us can. I don't feel pressured to do anything. It's just a choice to spend 5 or 10 minutes jotting down my thoughts, instead of doing something unimportant. By the end of the month (well, 21-60 days depending on the habit), it's a no-brainer. It's automated. It's made me better.


    Jarmila -- Self-development Coach at the Brainwave Research Institute
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