Listen..This Will Change Your Life

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I remember this from over 20 years ago. I just came across it again. Have a blessed New Year...

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    Nice video, life changing really and thanks for the share.

    Have a great and prosperous New Year to each and every Warrior.
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    I recognized Earl Nightingale's voice as soon as the sound track started. You can find videos on YouTube of Earl sitting behind his desk presenting this information. For me, it's far better to see the man himself say his own words, than it is to watch the video images that have little to no relevance to the words being spoken.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    we become what we think about...this moves me to think positive in dealing with online success.Thanks for sharing

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      Thank You. This was really wonderful, so many things I knew but never implemented in right way. I understand better now

      Sorcery of stirring the emotions is here

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    Thanks for posting this! Really nice video indeed!
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    Good video to take a few minutes off, sit back, and reflect upon life. Thanks
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    Thanks a lot for posting this Video. Again a reminder that says we become what we think.
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      Very positive stuff. Nice post.
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