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This is the first post that I have made in the "mind warrior forum" but I had a huge moment in my personal life and felt the need to share.

I actually just posted this on my blog put I figured I would post it here as well and maybe it would motivate one person.

I have had quite the eventful closing to 2012 and to be honest, it took most of 2012 to build up to it. While sparing a bunch of personal details, I confronted a huge fear head on. After the way that things turned out and the journey that I took myself on, I ended 2012 feeling better, stronger and validated for what I had been through.

The last few days I have been reflecting a lot, about where I want to go in 2013 and how I will get there. I am sure that many of you have done the same. Maybe this is the year that you will decide to lose weight and/or get healthy. I know that for me, personally, I have some specific goals that need to be addressed.

I was headed down a slippery slope towards the end of the year and I am glad that I am fully aware of what was happening so that I have the opportunity to make some adjustments. I plan on launching a new site in the next few weeks (hopefully sooner rather than later) that will be more about personal development and taking action/making change.

Much of my writings deal with the psychological aspect of taking action anyway, as I feel that this is a much larger determining factor in your success as compared to the "correct" fitness program. I have decided that what people need is not a perfectly planned program, it's someone that will hold them accountable and push them in the right direction...this goes for weight loss/ or pretty much any aspect of life.

I question a lot of my weaknesses and what I do or the reason why I do them. I thought a lot about simply the fact that I will eat a food knowing full well that it does nothing good for me. Let's be honest, pizza is awesome, but is it really going to make anything better? Not really. I have even peeled the layers of the onion away further to discover "why do I want the pizza if I know it's bad.....what am I hiding?" That is pretty scary stuff when you get down to it. I will not let myself continue these weak behaviors, I am better than that. We all are better than that.

I think that a lot of goal setting also requires those same in depth thoughts before success can be achieved. If your goal is to lose weight and you want that more than anything else, is that going to truly give you happiness? Is there something else that is being masked and projected onto the weight loss that will still remain when you reach your goal? If that is the case, I firmly believe you will never reach your goals...why? You are AFRAID TO. You know that deep down you might still not be happy after all the work and you might have to actually face some fears and issues that you hide from yourself. Let's take another niche that people are always interested in, making more money. There is the thought that "if I can just make more money things will be ok," yes maybe and maybe not. Are you looking to make money to buy cool things? Will that give you validation or is there something else that is missing in your life. I guarantee that the money won't come until you have cleaned up the other aspects that are creating your fear of failure.

At the end of the year, I faced some of those issues and it felt fantastic. It was probably the most important thing that I have done in my life so far. There was piece of mind and clarity that I had never experienced before. I now just want people to experience that same feeling and feel what I had felt. If you want to lose weight, I can easily help with that too, but sometimes I think that there is more to it then that. I know that I am not a psychologist and have no actual authority on these subjects other than my own personal experiences but I feel that is enough to help motivate others.

Push your own personal limits this year, find your weaknesses and eliminate them. It is my goal to purge my system of anything that I feel is weak, whether it be thoughts, actions or fears. I truly feel that we have the opportunity to be reborn at any time in our lives and come back much stronger than before, I know that for me personally, I am starting this year off strong and willing to fight.
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