How your working day usually begins?

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I am trying to finish all of my work before my wife comes. she ends up at 3 o'clock. I don't want to be a slave of Internet marketing and have a lack of a quality time spent with my family.
Therefore, I usually wake up at 7:30. First, I need a coffee, like most of us, I assume

After that, I need a good music. I like rock and roll, but I can't listen Motorhead or Metallica early in the morning I usually listen some reggae or jazz.

First thing I do is surfing...nothing related to work. I came up with the conclusion that reading emails as a first thing in the morning, can be very stressful. Don't read your emails as soon as you wake up!!! Instead of that,I like to browse for news - sport, weather, politics, local news..anything.

After that relaxing time, I start to work. First I check on my Paypal After that, I separate most important emails and reply. I call this "warming up period". Then I start with the "real job".

I forgot to say- i make pauses.Small breaks like 5-10 minutes every 60-90 minutes. I go on Facebook, write a message to some friends, or just doing nothing for the 10 minutes. sometimes I also lay on the bed and listening music, two or three songs. I need to think about my spine It isn't healthy sitting on a chair for 8 hours.

These are my "tips" . I would love to read how are you dealing with everyday stress and how your working day starts?
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    I get a lot of complaining that i spend way too much time on my computer. Anyway, first thing for me is to go jogging, get my energy up. I love reading something positive in the mornings and listening to a good audio, Bob Proctor, Jim John, Les Brown etc. Spend some quiet time and plan my day.
    I try not to touch my computer until about 10 am.

    "It is in the small decisions you and I make every day that create our destiny."
    Anthony Robbins
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    I found that warming up slowly doesn't work for me. I read a lot of news, but if I do it first thing in the morning - it then takes me longer to get momentum once I switch to work.

    Instead, I try to do at least 20-30 minutes of my main task for the day while I drink a cup of coffee. Then I do the shower/breakfast routine before getting back to it.

    That routine gets me to my most productive state. Everyone will have their own routine, you just gotta find it.

    Stephen Dean
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    My day starts with a very big cup of coffee, sipped while relaxing on the couch, followed by a nice cooked breakfast. Then I am ready to roll! I do not like to rush first thing.
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    I usually wake up 5am then have a coffee. Does IM most of the time till 12noon. Fetch kids at school and then prepare for Dinner before wife comes. Sleep as early as 9pm.
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    I'll start with something simple like looking through the stats. After that, I'll do a little workout and prepare a nice breakfast. Through the process, I'll think of what I should do through out the day.

    After breakfast, I'll prepare a cup of hot drink (tea, milk, honey or cereal.. no coffee) and begin my work... Work will consists of:

    1) Traffic Generation
    2) Managing VAs
    3) Answering of supports
    4) Replying to emails
    and a few others.

    Will take a short break every 90 minutes of work. Either go for a short workout, read books, listen to some music, watch a video or prepare a hot drink again. I'll continue with this process until I go to bed.
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    My day starts with my going to my day job... pretty depressing, but hey, it's how I pay the bills.

    After that I get as much work done online as possible. Sometimes until 2am, other nights I fit in as much as possible before I go to my second (passion) job.

    You guys that are making a living from this are awesome and reading these posts is pretty inspiring.
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    My daily work usually begins with glass of tea and checking mails. Then to the office and my hectic day begins.
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    I'm not an early person.

    I got up about 8am. Have breakfast while checking emails, surf facebook, soccer news. Head to office then exercise(gym, jog or swim) for an hour.
    Real work starts at 11am. Depending on the day appointments, I end work at 7:30pm. If there are events on that day, my work will end at 11pm.
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    Coffee is first, always! Haha.. I usually take care of a few things around the home before getting on the computer. Then, I'll check email and do networking stuff while my brain turns on. Then I get started on whatever I have to do for the day. I use teux deux so all of my anything I didn't get done the day before carries over and gets done first.

    I have a problem with my "working day" starting at different times, though... my schedule is really all over the place. It's something I'm working on.
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    Wake up early. Meditate. Then I check my emails so I can respond to my clients. Then a mental break - I call it clearing the cache - with Facebook and breakfast. Then a quick walk with my dog. Then I work for about 3 hours. When I start getting fidgety at the computer, I leave. The day's wide open for whatever....FUN, including more dog time (we're usually out at least 2 hours every day). Then in the evening once I've taken care of my physical ya-ya's with a bike ride, skating or a hike and I've taken care of my household chores and worked on art projects... back to work with about 3 more hours of focused effort followed by a mental wind-down. It's a very organic way for me to stay focused all the time, mentally fresh, creative. Just working with my natural rhythm!

    Jarmila -- Self-development Coach at the Brainwave Research Institute
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    My day starts to drop m y baby at the school, she has to wake at 6.00 am and shez still at 5.
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    Interesting posts here. From what I read, we all have some little "rituals" for wakening up and starting a day.

    What about work breaks? Do you have problems with your spine and neck? Are you amking pauses, not just tor est but also to empty your head from work? I try to do it ewvery 70-90 minutes: lay on the bed and do nothing

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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    Wake up at 9:00 AM.

    Open my computer. Check my email and reply to anyone who needs help in my MLM team.

    I start to write an article or two.

    Then I come here most of the time and participate in the discussions that are going on.

    Then I take a shower and then go out for coffee as my break.

    Come back. Do some more forum postings. I also like to listen to music.

    Look at my goals and visualize them happening.

    I read motivational books every day.

    Listen to audio from top leaders like Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.
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  • I love this topic. This article from Michael Masterson has worked wonders for me for about 4 years.

    A Life-Changing Early-Morning Routine

    I also love the Pomodoro Method, which has me work in 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. Here is a quick overview of what I do -
    1. Head Clearing Exercises
    2. 90 Minutes of Result Producing Activities for my business

    I would write more but my daughter wants to play.
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    Some good tips here, I have wasted many hours reading emails at the start of the day. As montozza said, it can be very stressful and can take up crucial hours of your day.

    I now leave them until lunch, take your aggression out on that sandwich haha!

    Great read and always a good topic.
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    LOL, I have this note in front of my computer table that states my goal for the week or the month, depending on how long I'll earn the money. Also, I have this schedule also on the computer table where I can see my supposed-to-be activities for the day. I start from 3am for forum posting, it also includes my free time, do house chores. all planned.
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    I like to stretch in the morning and eat something.
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    Some great responses and something we can all learn from.

    The secret is to have a task list which I normally do during my day off on Sundays and only takes 20 mins. I just open up Excel and type important tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis in order of priority with the hours worked. It's color coded, printed and struck on my wall. This keeps me productive for the whole week.

    So my day starts with checking the tasks I have to do for that day. The visual printout really works in focusing.
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    Wake up at 9. Exercise till 10 (gym/swimming). Emails till 10.30. Sit my butt in front of the computer till night
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      Originally Posted by Rachel McKnight View Post

      Wake up at 9. Exercise till 10 (gym/swimming). Emails till 10.30. Sit my butt in front of the computer till night
      That's great to have exercise right away in the morning... getting it done makes the whole day feel better! I want to start doing this.
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    Love this thread. I'm trying to make a business for myself, but still have that day job that drains me of energy. Many of you have that routine I long for, so this thread is inspiring to get something done in the evenings.
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    My working day usually begins with classes. As am still a student, after getting up my first work is to attain the classes.
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    My day also starts with cup of coffee, sipped while relaxing on the couch, followed by a News Paper.
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    My day starts off 6:30-7.30 at the gym , 7.30-8.30 eating breakfast and shower. And the rest of the day is dedicated to playing the ukulele, learning, reading, writing, and working on the computer until I pass out.
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    food, water
    then doing my daily activities and working off my things to do list.

    That's how I start every single day
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    My working day begins as soon as I get get my computer fired up and I can sit down to get started. The sooner, the better!

    - I check email first;
    - Then I log in to the e-commerce shopping site that I promote to see what's new;
    - Then I check a small business forum where I am the forum administrator, and zap spammers and post replies in a few discussions;
    - Then I log in to the Affiliate Center of the Internet income opportunity that I promote and check for news and updates, and review some of the training tips or marketing recommendations so I can sharpen my skills, build my affiliate business, and find ways to train and encourage my growing team of affiliates.

    From there, I begin working on ways to promote the opportunity: social marketing, blogging, advertising research, article marketing and other traffic methods, and so on.

    It's great!

    p.s. I usually turn on my Internet music station, too, to have some tunes running in the background.
    p.p.s. Coffee is NOT a morning requirement! Although I do usually have a cup somewhere around 9 or 10 a.m.

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    Okay, this is how I start off my day working online

    Everyday, I wake up at around 8 am, then I go for the toilet, and then I rest on my bed just to start off my engine. Then, I will go out for a morning joke until about 10 am.

    I will then go home and wash meself up, and wear some comfortable pyjamas or shirt and sit on my comfortable chair and I will turn on my computer for work. At first, I will just go and watch some youtube videos and stuff, then only I will get serious and check through my emails and stuff. After I worked for about 2 or 3 hours in front of my computer, doing work and watching some movies and playing some games (mostly movies and games), I will go to my kitchen and make a delicious plate of warm rice for meself to continue working. When I've worked till 4 pm, I will just swtich off my computer and spend my quality quality time with mefamily doing quality activities such as chatting with them and travelling with them.
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    My working day begins with a cup of tea. I can start nothing without it.
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