4 Stellar Tips for Creating Zero Friction Wealth in 2013

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In this post, we are going to talk about creating wealth and doing so in as effortless a manner as you possibly can. I am a guy who has been at the wealth building game since 2003.

My journey started when I picked up Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad on a plane trip to Singapore. I realized immediately that my plan to climb the corporate ladder was not what was going to get me the wealth that I desired.

I joined a Network Marketing company later that year. IT was an awesome experience and the training was great. However, the system was fairly complicated and challenging to navigate. In 2004, I purchased my first investment property.

I remember how powerful I felt when I became a homeowner for the first time. Real Estate investing seemed so much easier than what I was doing with Network Marketing.

I found "turnkey", wrote a few checks each month and then got a few checks back.

Then I got a little greedy and went into low-income housing. I was finding six family properties for $60,000 that promised cash flows in excess of $3,000 per month.

The math was simple. I would only have to get four of those properties and I would be making $10,000 per month.

This seemed like effortless wealth to me at the time. The problem was that I had did not have the knowledge or the Management skills to keep thee things rented all of the time. It wound up costing me nearly $200,000 between repairs, fines, threats of lawsuits, etc.

I then found Internet Marketing. The potential was the same as with Real Estate. I could invest a few dollars and, when I got good at, I could earn a multiple of my initial investment.

Now, I found the model, but my head was not right. I thought that I and to work and work and work to get what I want. I grinder it out for years and years and made a couple of thousand here and a couple of thousand there.
The big challenge was that I did not enjoy the work that I was doing.

I was a knowledge fiend, picking up every book that I could read on the subject of wealth. However, instead of taking the time to implement what I learned in the books, I just moved onto the next book.

I would get an immediate high from learning something new, that was followed by a crash, when I realized that this knowledge was not going to make any difference for me at all.

Even worse, this gave me the opportunity to beat myself up because I kept adding more or more stuff that I thought that I should be doing that I was not doing.

That all changed a few months ago, when I made a couple of minor tweaks in my business and in my life that made my work effortless an my investment of time a lot more fun -

Choose One Business Model and Go With It - The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is those who succeed are focused on one model and training themselves on getting good at that model.

There is no perfect model and there is no model that works without you working on it. If somebody is successful doing what you are currently doing, then you will be successful too (with effort).

Initially, the "shiny object syndrome" vampire may want to take over and get in your way.

However, after you resist the urge to try something new yet again a few times, you will realize that life is al to more peaceful when you are focused.

Do One Thing at a Time ALL THE TIME - Right now, I am writing this article. All that I am thinking about is writing this article. Multitasking might as well be called zero tasking because nothing gets done correctly. When I was a multitasked, I found myself jumping from project to project and getting nothing done quickly. At the end of the day, I felt like I did not accomplish something except for adding more work to my plate.

Set Intentions for Every Discreet Piece of Work that You Do - Taking a few minutes to create an intention for your work will do wonders for your productivity. You will be clear about your actions and you will be focused. The other benefit is that you will know when you work is done because your intention would have been fulfilled.

Set Specific Time Frames to Get Things Done - Tell yourself you are going to stop working at this time and stick to it. When you do this, your mind is free to focus on what you are doing as opposed to pushing you to do something else so you have some freedom. The greatest experience comes when you can finish up from a productive set of work and move onto free time without any guilt and worry.

Let the Small Things Go - Chose to let people do what people want to do. Family members, friends and co-workers will do things that you do not like. Getting upset is just a reflection of something that you are no comfortable with. Therefore, you can choose to let the small things go this year. It will allow for a much more enjoyable year and a much more productive time.
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    Good advice. I am currently running 4 websites (ecommerce, affiliate review site, my own information product, my own physical product). All are in early stages, but I am seeing that I need to pick one and just do it really well to succeed. The scatter gun approach means you move slower and with less quality. I'm just not sure which site to focus on yet.

    I will have to do an analysis of potential profit/market in each one. The more value I can provide to the most people, the more I can make
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    there was an article on ZenHabits not to long ago describing Haiku Productivity, which is the art of limiting yourself to a few important tasks as well as limiting the time you spend on those tasks. Its a principle I'm applying to my life, and I've found that you do manage to get things done - and done in the right way. Google the article - its a good read. Justin's post embodies many of the same principles.
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