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In this post, we talk about tips and strategies for making this year, next year and all of the years in the future better than the past.

You probably were inspired at the beginning of 2013 by all of the new opportunities for the year. In 2013, you were going to lose weight, make more money, be more productive, have a better family life, etc.

You started off great, taking some massive action in the beginning of the year. Then, on day two it got a little bit harder.

By the time Day 3 had come around, the people who annoyed you in 2012, have not changed one bit and as opposed to going to the gym or working on your business, you spent a great part of the day stewing about how much you cannot stand him or her.

OK, but you can get back on track tomorrow. Well, that tomorrow typically never comes and you wake up some time in October and realize that this year is no different than any other year.

Below are some tips and techniques that you can employ to make 2013 better no matter where you are.

Commit to take action regardless of what it looks like - Most people will give in at the first sign of discomfort. Our resolutions and goals for the year are equivalent to the high that we get when we first start dating someone.

He or she is perfect and life is glorious. Then, all of a sudden, slight flaws starting creeping in and six months later, you are broken up. If you are like most people, you are willing to take action when the times are good but want to wait until you feel good again to take the actions you need to get to get what you want out of your life.

The big secret is that your actions today spark what is going to make you feel good 30 or 90 days from now.

What do I mean?

I build a website promoting a personal development program about 60 days ago. I did not get one sale for the first 60 days (This is not uncommon). Yesterday, I did not do any work on that site, yet I made a commission of $145. Frankly, I forgot about the site, but do you think that I felt great yesterday. I sure did and it was because I decided to take action 60 days ago.

The lesson here is that you may not see the results of your actions immediately but you should continue to take action each day so you can get the momentum of inspiration going for weeks and months from now.

Do something everyday to remind yourself of why you are focusing in your goals - Every mooring, I start off my reading my intended goals for the year and spend another 20 minutes or so getting myself to feel good about achieving those goals.

Although I used to think it was a waste of time to invest this time, I found that spending the time to make myself clear and feeling good about the gloss makes everything in my life so much more simple and enjoyable.

Learn Your Pitfalls - It is very important to know yourself and know what can take you out of the game. If I were to get into an argument with my wife, it used to take me a couple of hours to recover. My mind would be going a million miles a minute. My wife is a fairly reasonable person and I adore her.

As result, I resolved that in 2013, that the cost of arguing far outweighed the temporary high I got of unloading my stress onto her (That is what an argument is in my mind). As result, I just do not argue with her anymore, especially over little things. IT just makes me a ton more productive. It also makes her a lot happier. Simple as that.

You need to understand what are the little "demons" that can take you out of the fame and come up with ways to combat those challenges. Little strategies to compensate for your weaknesses will make all of the difference in the World for you in 2013.

Keep practicing as opposed to trying to be perfect - You will screw up a lot and you ill not get it right all of the time. However, if you keep practicing and working on getting better, you will find that the subtle progress that you make will add up over time. Keep fine tuning your game and will find that you are getting better and better all of the time.
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    Thanks for reminding me that the plan needs setting... Cool post
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    I think most people underestimate how important a plan can actually beand to follow through with daily action to get your ultimate goals done.
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    This is very helpful. I recommend you guys watch Tony Robbins talking with Frank Kern & John Reese, this will be a great help!
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      Originally Posted by Raineer View Post

      This is very helpful. I recommend you guys watch Tony Robbins talking with Frank Kern & John Reese, this will be a great help!
      prefer tony robbins talking to jerome kern and john cleese

      this would be an even bigger help
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        Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

        prefer tony robbins talking to jerome kern and john cleese

        this would be an even bigger help
        That one cleared my sinuses, via the water I was drinking...

        Thanks Ray!
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    Good post...thanks for the tips! This year I am going to do something every day to further my personal and business success. It is instructive for me to remember to enjoy the process rather than try to be perfect.
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    Makes sense, interesting tips.

    Now, will 2013 Kick @s&? It's really up to us.
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    Thanks for the info this is really interesting i have set my goals for 2013. But you have reminded me of some points to do.
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