Motivation begins with Motive

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Motive: "A need or desire that causes a person to ACT"

I recently read that Motivation begins with Motive and I wanted to share it as it's a very powerful statement for all of us looking for more motivation to get up and drive our businesses forward in 2013.

If you are feeling like you're lacking the motivation needed to move your business forward this year then why not sit down and invest 20-30 minutes writing a huge list of motives.

Once you have a big list of motives you will probably start to feel much more motivated.

Here's a few ideas to start your list of motives to get your motivation levels up:
  • Make a positive difference to your families life
  • A feeling of personal power and success
  • Become the kind of person worthy of a million dollar business
  • Ability to help less fortunate people
  • Spend more time with your children
  • Take more family holidays and make more memories
  • Have more time for following your hobbies
I hope this post inspires you to get started on your list of motives /desires and create some REAL motivation for 2013.

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    Thanks for this post I'm sure it will help some people. I watched a 40 minute video of Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, And John Reese. Very very crucial that people should see this! I believe if you can visualize the things you want it life, you can actually do better than if you didn't visualize at all. This helps you take actions. We all have the potential, it's just the action that creates results, results creates certainty and it's a never ending loop from then on out.
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    Motives are good because if they are strong enough and meaningful to you, they will get you through, around, and over any obstacles you may face.
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    As Tony Robbins said, "people will do anything to gain pleasure or avoid pain." Therein lies the motive.

    It's not what you know that makes you successful: It's how consistently you use what you know!

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    Nice share, now i'm motivated, lol.

    Anyway, I agree with motivation we Act, with Act we see results either fail or succeed.
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    That's really true. Without motive how can a person be motivated..............
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    Excellent share and the statement definitely hits home.

    When I first started, all I wanted was money, I didn't care to have a real motive, other than cash.

    As I grew into it I realized that I needed some form of motive to push myself. So I began to invest more time into helping people and later realized that my motive was to provide solutions to others that needed assistance.

    Motive is definitely important for success

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