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The power of influence... Creativity is your friend

Shining light in your eyes.

A customer who heard of me asked if I could prove that the typical marketing isn't as effective as what I proposed to him. He was very direct and wanted to pay me $10,000 just for this creative research. He then asked me to look over his business and tell him a creative way to approach marketing. I turned this portion down, because I simply didn't have the time with the holidays and birthdays coming up but we are friends... Someone who I can turn to and vice versa but the amazing this is he paid me in advance $30,000 and gave me the low down on everything he does and how it operates just in case I'd like to one day work with him.

I did the research... I had a staff member go out into the public in business attire and ask a very simple question, followed by the results that his question is imposing. (10 cities total, in the parking lot of eye doctors (optometrist), 5 months to get all the census)

So over the course of 5 months he asked 600 random people this question and it went like this.

Hi, my name is Steve and I have a flashlight (THE WHAT) and this flashlight if you look into it for 1 second will help IMPROVE your sight by naturally raising the brain's expectancy of what the spectrum of light is suppose to be, (THE HOW) as everything is perceived with this variable of light. Therefore, as your eyes begin to see, your eyes will focus in a way that will now naturally correct any visual problems you have and even improve your natural vision. We go on to explain that all glasses do is focus your eyes in a way that things become clearer and it's just a temporary means of clarity and doesn't really improve your vision hence why you keep wearing them. Glasses regulate vision to not get worse. Would you like to try it. Out of 300 people 14 said yes and during the most interesting portion of their conversation our business card was given to them (if they looked at the card while we were in the middle of the speaking then we conclude that have very little interest)... But no light was shined in their eyes and they were explained that it was just an experiment to see the consensus response only. No, I"m not a doctor and yes you can naturally focus your eyes back to a normal 20/20.

This is typical marketing

We did the EXACT same test on exactly 300 more random people but this time we simply told them why we were doing it, what was the passion behind our reason for doing it and instead of 14 we got 119 people to say yes and the amazing this is we've gotten calls from those cards only to tell them that it was an consensus experiment and no literal action was taken. They believed so much in the WHY we were doing it that it resonated with their emotions. They were in-fluenced and our goal was to draw that influence to surface. No one can influence anyone because influence comes from within.

The company was a company that focused on laser eye surgery and yes the data that we gave them was much more detailed. If we could not have showed proper, true, real life stats to them then we would have given half their money back. The other half would've been kept for our time and efforts.

Money is easy to come by when you're creative and that's what me and my very small team of two does, think of ways to do things creatively and accurately because when it boils down the results are the ONLY thing that will ever matter.

Be creative because there are no boundaries to your imagination the only reason there seem to be boundaries is that you focus as if these boundaries exist.

Facts of today are nothing more than strong theoretical probabilities based upon the understanding that we are engulfed in now. What we see around us are very old manifestations of ideas.

Keep moving forward, there is absolutely nothing you can't do or have. You are worthy and you can feel it.




Daniel Brown - P.A.L.
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