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I am writing this to help fellow warriors but also just to get it down for myself as well as I have been struggling with some things lately.

I was let go of my last job in 2002. Though it had some to do internet marketing I was working for someone else and had a paycheck although a small one no health insurance.

I got married in 2003 and my total income was $7000 for the year. (Thankfully my wife worked at the time so brought in the money.) My income slowly moved higher in the coming years. My wife left her job after a couple years due to the fact we had our first baby in 2005.

We had a bunch of debt mostly $40k that I brought into the marriage. Mostly credit card stuff of trying the NEXT thing and funding it on credit cards.

Thankfully we got in at the right time of the housing bubble and sold out in 2006. Which wiped out the debt but didn't leave much (cushion).

I don't have the exact #'s off hand but I believe 2006 was $30k.
2007 was around $45k.
2008 was around $50k.

Now remember that is all gross income pre tax etc.. So I didn't take home all that money. Also in 2007 we added another child and being self employeed had to buy own health insurance etc..

After we sold our home in 2006 we rented for the next 3 years. (we moved to a different state)

So although my income did move up from $7k to $50k from 2003 to 2008 we were not doing "great" and the income was VERY spodictic. Most of it was based on launching products to my list and some affilate income etc.. So I might have a $7k month then not have any income for 2 months.

Then something clicked.........

2009 I did over $120,000. (Yes more then doubled my 2008 income)

The forex robot niche took off in late 2008 (didn't get paid until 2009) and what I did is I did REAL REVIEWS of the robots. One robot which was the top selling clickbank product for months I was the #1 affiliate for. (I won a contest for them) With the robots I actually setup the robots with a REAL trading account and traded the robots for the week. Then each saturday we would do a review video of how the robot did for the week. How much it was up or down for the week and its overall % etc... We did that for an ENTIRE YEAR!

My review video was COPIED numberous times. (by copied I mean its my video, my voice, just people then put a new link under the video) Those videos got 10's of thousands of hits. I built a list in just that one product to 5000+!

That 1 product made more over $100,000 that year. (I had to split some of those profits with a partner) This was ALL AFFLIATE INCOME!

2010 was over $100,000+ income
2011 was over $100,000+ income
2012 was over $100,000+ income

I was NOT an overnight success by any means. But God has provided every step of the way.

I say all this to help you in your business.

You can do the same thing. What about doing a weekly review of a certain product. Maybe an how to make money online product, weight loss product, trading product etc... Those are easy to do... Maybe you won't make $100k on 1 product but you would be giving your clients REAL information.

My first review product was just my thoughts on the product and showing people what they get when they buy and what it looks like after they buy that in itself is huge. (of course don't give away the guts of a product but you can show the modules or whatever and your thoughts on them) Then do weekly review if its weight loss do it yourself and have a weekly journal. Throw that on youtube with week 1, week 2, etc.. People LOVE that and are LOOKING for that. You will get FOLLOWERS AND PEOPLE THAT WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE NEXT THING ETC...

As you can see it didn't happen quickly for me. Maybe it will be quicker for you I don't know.

A few things........

1. Know what you want to do.... IE if you don't have an interest in spending 80 hours in front of the computer then don't do a business where you need to do that.

2. Have realistic goals. My family lives in a cold state. My wife hates the cold so one of my goals is to take the family south for the winter. We try and spend 2 months in fl/az. We have only missed 1 year in the last 8 years. We make that a priority. We DON'T have the biggest house we purchased one in late 2009. Our interests aren't in having a huge house.
We have 2 cars (14 and 9 years old) but both are mini vans (we have 3 kids now) Would I LOVE a 1974 corvette YES. And maybe someday I will have one though I don't plan on keeping it long.

We love to travel. I like to take the family away for a night or two to a hotel or do a major league baseball trip and see the different stadiums. (Try and do 3 or so a year.) I don't get luxury box seats that isn't my goal.

Get a little TASTE of the life you don't need the luxury box or to fly in private jets. If that is you great that is fine but I am not going to be helpful to you. My goal is to help those wanting to make a nice income or some good part time income.

I DON'T have a goal for $1 MILLION a year or a new bentley etc.. Those aren't of interest to me. I want to spend time with my family and make a nice living and travel. Sure I leave money on the table but I don't want to work 50-60 hours a week either.

3. Be honest with yourself. Are you REALLY working? Just because you are in front the computer doesn't mean your working. Cause your reading WF doesn't mean your working. If you really DIVE IN for 1 solid no distractions HOUR you can do so MUCH! Put in the real work.

4. Have a plan which goes to knowing what you want. It really is important. Yes a lot like goals. But also it keeps you from distractions. If you are an affiliate for the trading niche you don't need to read an ebook on how to publish on kindle. If you have no plans on spending money on advertising don't read about it. HAVE A SPECIFIC PLAN OF ACTION. That way even if that plan fails you will fail FASTER and can move on to something else.

I have had a TON of failures. Products that I put to my clients where I thought it would be a homerun and it ends up being a dud. And others where I didn't put in 1/2 the effort and it knocks it out of the park. So you never know how successful it is going to be but you need to put in the work for the project. But know what the end goal is.

Well I hope this was helpful and motivating to you.

I wish you a profitable 2013.

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    very nice story, thanks for sharing. so do you have a nice forex trader list? as You did EA reviews You sure have most or all in Your list that are meta 4 platform trader.
    I could have an interesting proposal for You if You have a list of meta 4 platform forex trader. we are going online soon with a forex related website.

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    I don't do much with forex robots anymore haven't in a long time as most don't work. the ones that do I wouldn't put a lot of money behind them anyway.

    Though still in the trading niche
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      Congrats to you. You do your work well and get life you want. And true with self and have goal to forward is necessary. Work hard to build something then life will change forever.
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    Your story is very inspiring indeed. Its good to see people getting something out of this tough time. Keep up your pace.
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    Very inspiring! Great example of what happens if you dont give up and keep working!
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    Great story and very encouraging. It proves you should never give up.
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      Great to hear you made a success of things.

      Wish you more success to come!

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    Congratz and thanks for share very inspiring story
    "Products that I put to my clients where I thought it would be a homerun and it ends up being a dud. And others where I didn't put in 1/2 the effort and it knocks it out of the park." => that's really true

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    It's really glorious success. I am also inspired dude.
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    Great advice I am to know that you have been doing so well even though it did not start out ok for you in the begging. But most successful entrepreneurs go through a lot failures before they are successful.

    When you go online they always advertise the big cars and big house but that is not most peoples dream and am sure when they get that they will realise the important thing in their life is taking care of their family and making sure there loves ones are ok.

    Its funny what you said about being in front of the computer and not doing income generating activities that bring you money i have unfortunately done that. But i have started to set up a daily schedule where i try and do 3hrs of work that will bring in income which seems to be working so far.

    Anyway congratulation & I hope you continue your success
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    Very nice to see a real success story. Congratulations man, i wish you and your family all of the best.

    The Ultimate Guide To Link Building

    Get More Links - Generate More Traffic - Make More Money!
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    Awsome story!
    Congrats man

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    What an inspiration my friend. I am so glad that things are working out for you online.

    We all have the same opportunities to do great things. It is the people who take action and never quit that really have big breakthroughs online.
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    Thank you Steve, I'm happy for you. This message might reach someone ready to give up just in time.
    Suburban Sage (In search of Inspired destiny together)
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    Thank you for sharing this and thank you for your honesty. I find stories and experiences like yours are far more inspiring to me than the "get rich overnight" stories. You're real, your ups & downs have been real and you share in a real way which connects with those of us in the trenches (so to speak).

    Thank you for your success and blessings to you & yours!
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    Very inspiring, Hard work always pays off! Glad to see you are able to create a stable income from reselling!
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    That's really inspirational. Thanks for the share.
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