Does Fear or Success Drive You?

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I ask the question after watching Tony Robbins interview Frank Kern and John Reece. They were discussing how to get more people to take action and they came up with the fear of lack or not achieving being a driving force for themselves.

Interesting I wondered to myself, where does the reason or my why have it's roots? Is it fear for me as well. Is it about if I don't then I and my family won't have A, B & C?

Had to give that one some thought? Could that just be one factor? I know that there are others but what is the dominant or the alpha dog so to speak?

So still curious and searching, I pose the question here...

Here's the video it's about 38 min or so long but the subject at hand happens at about the 7:05 mark in the video...

P.S. the whole video has value I'd suggest watching it.....

Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, John Reece - Some People Take Massive Action and Others Don't! - YouTube
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    I would say the same, 'fear of achieving nothing in life' drives me to success in life.
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    How does a fear drive a person? Please explain.

    Have watched the video and it looks cool.
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    I don't think that fear can drive one to success. It's a negative state. I think what Tony is talking about in this video that drives success, is getting in the positive state of believing in yourself so much that You are certain that you will achieve whatever you set yourself to achieve. But how do you get to have 100% certainty? It's by continuously working on your thoughts and your beliefs, conditioning your mind for success by changing your beliefs until there is a breakthrough and you get to that certainty. Visualizations and feeling now how you will feel when you actually get what you want is the key.

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    Fear is the opposite of faith. Mind you I am not writing this from my Christian perspective but from a level of a higher human state of mind. Fear attracts negative elements of the sub-conscience mind and faith attracts the positive.

    When I was a young adult I was in fear of not having enough money to pay the bills not being able to afford a home, and not accomplishing certain things in life. Once I learned how to take control & own my actions & thoughts, I started to obtain higher perception.
    I am able to sleep at night even if the mortgage was due and had no money to pay. I knew that it would come soon. I had faith that by taking the right actions and moving toward a set goal each day that it would come. I found that I wasn't stressed, or worried which are symptoms of fear and to this day still pisses my wife off.

    To answer the question neither fear or success drives me. What drives me is how can I make this world a better place and help those to reach their goals in order to take the next step.
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    I watched the video a few years ago it's great. I think success now drives me but when I was younger it was fear.
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    Awesome video. I watched it a while back and learned a lot from it.

    I believe success is the only 'drive'. And of course, the individual has their own meaning of what success is to them. Many may actually think they are driven by fear; but in actuality, it is subconsciously holding them back.

    Fear will lead to bad decision, false knowledge, and doubt.
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    When i was just starting out, it was pain (day job) that was forcing me to take action..

    Now it's mostly the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that i'm providing value to the world that keeps me going.


    Gary Ning Lo
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